Friday, June 14, 2013

Featured Artist Joann Reed

Currently on Display and available for sale at Ironstone Vineyards are outstanding prints from Artist Joann Reed.  Joann's fine work takes the viewer into a wonderful world of rich, warm colors and timeless emotion.   

 "Born and raised in Pennsylvania, the artist had always nurtured a tremendous feeling of love for the great out-of-doors, her favorite treat being "a walk in the woods" from the time she was old enough to walk. When she arrived in  California in 1963,she found what her heart had been searching for. Revelling in  the feeling of broad expanse in California's rugged scenery, loving the wildness of the oak tree's willful character, and delighting in the diversity of both vegetation and terrain, she immediately felt a keen closeness to the ranch lands of the state. Taking full advantage of California's abundant supply of sunlight and unprohibitive temperatures, she has, from innumerable journeys through areas of oak, redwood, grassland, pine forests, ocean, and desert, evolved her personal way  of expressing her reverent and joyous responses to these creations and their mercifully approachable, loving Creator."

 Joann's framed prints range in price from $50 to $30, making them very affordable treasures for your home and gifts for art loving friends. The exhibit runs through the month of June.

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