Monday, February 9, 2015

Meet Artist Connie Bowen, THEME Division accepted Artist

Accepted Artist, Connie Bowen has entered the THEME Division of Ironstone's 18th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show which will open March 7th, 2015 at Ironstone Vineyards.  Connie along with several other artists are competing for selection of their painting to become Series #18 poster of the year.  You may see each of the entries into this division as soon as Picasa's website allows the slide show to present itself just to the right of this blog. Check them out and see if you can pick the image that will become the finished poster of the year, unveiled on Saturday, March 7th.

Throughout the next several months, we will be featuring each of the accepted artists biographies along with images of the paintings that were accepted into this years show.  And now,

T-013  Tulips Galore!  watercolor  15x11  $360
Connie Bowen

I have always loved art and photography and have always dabbled. I had never tried watercolor before I took an ongoing class with *Popi Tyler. She is an excellent and patient teacher. It was Popi's idea that four of us all paint something for the show and we did and to our great delight we were all accepted.
I live in Forestville, CA with my two dogs and a cat, who sometimes become my muse.

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