Saturday, October 28, 2017

Scarry Scarry Night! Pumpkins!

Halloween brings out the creativity at Ironstone!  Each Department creates a pumpkin to present to the Silent Movie Night Guests. And tonight is the night!  Guests will select their favorite pumpkin with a prize going to the winning Department.
Can you guess which pumpkin belongs to which department?

Come see them for yourself Sunday!  And into next week, depending on how long they last....

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fun day at the Ironstone Concourse d'Elegance this past Saturday.  Aqua Boats, antique cars, motorcycles, Artists painting and fun period dress.  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Artists Painting Saturday

Saturday, Concourse d'Elegance showcases the following artists who will be painting throughout Ironstone's grounds. 
See if you can find them all!  Good luck!

Concourse Participating Artists

1.   Barbara Young
2.   Judie Cain
3.   Brad Stone
4.   Suzanna Young
5.   Maryann Kash
6.   George Durkee
7.   Susan Hackett
8.   Linda Abbott
9.   Donna Bolen Sammons
10.         Gregory Piatt
11.         Judy Day
12.         Aaron Johnson
13.         Ted Smith
14.         Julie Trail
15.         Lorettta Armstrong

16.         Marleen Olive

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What to do with a bucket full on antique traps?

When a bucket full of rusty antique traps shows up, 
what to do?  
Give them a home with the prehistoric Cave Bear Bones!  Where else?
Located inside the Gold Vault right along side the 44 lb. Crystalline Gold Specimen and the petrified wood display.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Last Concert of the Season!

Ironstone Amphitheater presents  the last concert of the Season on Saturday, September 9th.

Joining us that evening will be George Benson and Kenny G.

Check out both their websites for a great taste of whats to come.

See you September 9th.!  

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Willie's Coming this Friday!

Are you ready for a great night?  Kasey Musgrove and Willie Nelson will be here at Ironstone this Friday night.  Get your tickets from ticketmaster, and come on out to Ironstone.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Jake Owen, nice setup!

Tickets still available for tonight's show here. Go to or to purchase.

Gett'n Ready for Jake Owen tonight!

Unloading the vans

Feeding the stage crews plein air ... BBQ time!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Concert Season is upon us

Ironstone Amphitheater's 2017 Concert Season is now in full swing.

Last weekend, Toby Keith broke all records for attendance here at Ironstone. It was a large and wonderful crowd of concert goers. Bit cool, but lots of fun, singing and dancing all around.

Boston and Joan Jett brought the house down rock'n and roll'n. Fun night & a cold one.

Tonight John Mellancamp comes to visit with Emmylou Harris and Carlene Carter, followed on Sunday by the Moody Blues' 50th anniversary tour.  Can't wait for all to start.

Just a reminder to those of you purchasing tickets on line, please make sure the address you are purchasing from is the official "Ticket Master" website.  There are way too many sites out there selling 3rd party tickets for a much higher price than they sell for from ticket master. Do keep in mind that some of those third party ticket purchases may not be actual tickets and will not scan at the gate, leaving you outside with a very expensive piece of worthless paper.

Take care! Pay attention... See you tonight!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Meet Artist Connie Carson-Romano, Open Division

Connie Carson-Romano
O-122 Silhouette of an Iris by Connie Carson-Romano  acrylic  14x30  $195
   Art is an expression of the way the Artist views the world in which he lives. It is the sharing of a life experience by the artist whether in paint, the written word, a perfect garden, or in music.
O-121  Mountain Lake Sunrise by Connie Carson-Romano  acrylic  16x20  $135

   I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not drawing, painting, or writing. Acrylic paint is my favored medium. I love the way it works and forms on the canvas. The colors that are present in nature are phenomenal and I love trying to create the same shades. Being raised in New Mexico I found myself immersed from an early age in the amazing palate of nature and the challenge of trying to recreate the colors and shapes of nature on canvas. As a resident of Northern California for the last 27 years I continue to be awed at the diversity of landscapes we live in.
O-119 Silhouette of a fruit bowl  by Connie Carson-Romano  acrylic  16x20  $145

    In addition to my paintings I have found an expressive voice in the written word. in the 1990's I was published for 6 years in a local newspaper as the creator of the cartoon strip "Cody Coyote."  Cody is a fun combination of my drawings and verbal expression of the humorous side of life. Cody has returned to the stage with his own web page and can be visited at My first book, The Other Side of the Gurney, was published in February of 2015 reaching the Amazon best seller list in category in June of that year.
O-121  Mountain Lake Sunrise by Connie Carson-Romano  acrylic  16x20  $135

    I find it is amazing and exciting that so many different interpretations of the world around us are available through the eyes of Artists of all mediums. It is my pleasure that I am able to add my own personal expressions to this collection.

Spring Time Flowers galore!

Now is The time to visit Ironstone's spectacular Spring Flowerdisplay.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Meet Artist Susie Hoffman, OPEN Division Artist

Susie Hoffman
Fine Art 2017
Copperopolis, CA
O-018  Jumptime  by Susie Hoffman  oil  24x18  $600

       Susie took up art after she retired from teaching sixth grade English/history 14 years ago. She started in watercolor, but has branched into drawing, oils, pastels, collage, and acrylics.  She and her husband, Larry, created the art center Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis where she has enjoyed classes by many foothill artists over the last seven years. From pastel classes to mosaics, she is always eager to learn something new. She also teaches art and sells many of her photographs at Town Hall Arts.
O-020  Telegraphcity by Susie Hoffman  oil  12x9  $250

      Honors include awards at Delicato Vineyard Show (including 1st. place 2015, 2016, 2017): the Mother Lode Art Show (including 1st. place 2013, 2016); Valley Arts Show (including 1st. 2013), Oak Valley Art Show Best of Show Photography 2014, 15, & 16, People's Choice Award 2015 & 16, and eight 1st. place art awards 2015/16; Calaveras county Fair (including 10 best of division and 37 firt place awards in lat six years); Mother Lode Fair 2014 Best of Show, two best of divisions, five 1st. places ); and Oakdale Show 2013 (1st.).
O-019  Cloudsong by Susie Hoffman  oil  11x14  $300

      Susie's oil painting, "Simple Things", was on the cover of the September KVIE "OnSix" program guide to promote the 2015 auction on public television. Her watercolor portrait of Glenn Wasson as Black Bart appears in his recently published book, Too Much to Swallow. Her photograph, "On Your Mark", Division Winner from the Calaveras County Fair, was published in Mark Twain's 88 Days in the Mother Lode & Stories of the Gold Rush.  "Fifty Pounds of Love", a portrait of her Chocolate Lab pup, was featured in the window at Mistlin Gallery in Modesto as part of the Central California Art Showcase 2015. Two of her watercolors were published in Sierra Wonders, a book of visual and literary works honoring the Sierra Nevada. Two additional watercolors were published in Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate, a Taste of Literary Elegance.  Her graphite portrait, "I Hope You Dance", appeared on the 2012 program cover of the Ironstone Spring Obsession Show. Her art has been bell ringers at the KVIE auction, 2013-2016.

      Susie's artwork is displayed at Galerie Copper, Roaster's Coffee House, and Saddle Creek Resort in Copperopolis; Manzanita Arts Emporium in Angels Camp, Calaveras Arts Council in San Andreas; carious venues in Sonora including Stage 3, and the Rabbask Gallery in Loveland, Colorado. She is currently Vice President of the Mother Lode Art Association.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Meet Open Division Artist, Juliana Tillman

O-131  All Gods Creatures  by Juliana  Tillman  wc  19x23  $750
Artist Juliana Tillman

Juliana Tillman was born and raised in Vacaville, California. In 2003 she moved with her family to the small town of Twain Harte in the Sierra Nevada's, whereupon she changed direction from working to raising her family and pursuing art. 

An interest in art and design has been there since her late teens though she was unable to make it a priority. 
O-130  My Girl  by Juliana Tillman  wc  19x23  $1800
Growing up in a family of antique and art collectors fostered her appreciation for fine arts. In the past five years she has increased her focus on art and the dream of being a professional painter. She is primarily self taught, with the exception of studying with local & nationally known artist through workshops and private classes. Juliana is an oil and watercolor painter with special focus in plein air and has won many awards in local art competitions. Juliana is a current member of the Mother Lode Arts Association.
O-132  Just Stopping By  by Juliana Tillman  11x13  wc  $1800

"My goal is to create a lasting impact through art that survives generations with the hope that it will evoke reminiscent feelings of moments captured in time."

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Meet Artist Ann Nall theme Division accepted artist

Ann Nall
T-018  A Spring Hue By Ann Nall  wc  16x20  $250
Ann started painting in 1985 as a way to escape the pressures of work. Her first art teacher was in the basement of a small community center in Virginia.

Over time her hobby became her focus. On retirement, art became her career. She has been exhibited in many juried and one person shows throughout the country.

Painting primarily in watercolor, her work is characterized by soft, gentle colors. She has specialized in animal portraits and has been praised for infusing her animal paintings with life.

Ann says her art gives her life energy, focus and a sense of well-being. It is a gift she does not take for granted. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Meet Accepted Theme Division Artist Sue Smith

Sue Smith

T-011  Paperwhites by Susan Smith  oil 12x16 $250

T-010  Tulips & Daffys  by Susan Smith  oil 12x12 $200
I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, received a great primary school art education and majored in Art at Ohio Wesleyan University. I moved to New York City after college and was surrounded by the "beat" scene. Lots of gallery shows, happenings, off off broadway shows, a rich time. Married and divorced with 2 young sons, I moved to California and lived on a commune. I always worked at my art projects. I moved to the Sierra foothills in 1976 and became an architectural drafter. I have concentrated much more on my drawing and painting after retiring from architecture. I am inspired by our beautiful Sierra foothills and the natural world around us.

Meet Accepted Theme Division Artist Sandra Campbell


T-016 Purple Parrots  by Sandra Campbell  pastel 9x15  $200

I love color and experimentation.  My subjects include landscapes, florals, still life and animals.  Initially, I worked only with soft pastels but since have branched out into collage and acrylics, often combining these into mixed media pieces.  Lately, I’ve created some abstract works, a complete departure for someone who used to produce only realistic art. 

For pastels, I like to work on sanded surfaces, which allow for more layers of color.  When people hear the word ‘pastel,’ they may think of soft colors.  But what attracts me to this medium is the possibility for vibrant oranges, brilliant yellows, and intense purples and reds.” 

T-015  Planting Time  by Sandra Campbell  pastel 12x15  $250
Mixed media pieces utilize traditional canvasses, canvas panels or illustration board.  Most of my collage pieces are fabricated from rice or similar-type papers, which come in a variety of textures.  Most recently, I’ve been working on 6 x 6-inch surfaces for both collage and acrylics. 

Landscapes are created both from my own photographs and by working plein air with fellow artists in an American Association of University Women’s art group.  Many of the finished products are featured at the art show during the AAUW annual home tour.  I also show my work during the local studio tour. 

Amador County is alive with artists who inspire me and support my efforts.  Periodically, I take a college class or an artist’s workshop which may send me in a new direction.  Membership in the Sierra Pastel Society, the Amador County Artists Association and Arts Council provides collegial support as does my AAUW art group.  My work is on display at the Sutter Creek Gallery at 35 Main Street, Sutter Creek.  

Meet Theme Division Accepted Artist Mary Ann Kash

Mary Ann Kash

T-006  Friends  by Mary Ann Kash  pencil  11x14  $450
I have enjoyed drawing from childhood to the present.  The intricacies of line and detail fascinate me and I have always been partial nature, trees and bark specifically.  One of my first accepted showings, as an art student, was a rendering of the bark of a section of a California Redwood.  I realized then that I was hooked on trees, vines and fence posts.
Drawing from nature is daunting, thus, I normally use photographs as my inspiration in order to capture the complexity my subject.  Photography is a hobby of mine which often turns into an art project.
Preparing my submission for the Ironstone 2017 Spring Obsession was great fun, although, it was hard to stop and call the drawing finished.  Working on vines or tree trunks can be addictive.   To me grape vines are masterpieces of design, swirls and curlicues, divots and flat planes.  
My favorite medium is graphite combined with colored pencil and water color.  I sell copies of my work at Farmers Markets in Tuolumne County.
Thank you for viewing my art, it has been my pleasure.
Mary Ann Kash

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Meet Theme Division Accepted Artist Deborah Wright

Deborah Wright

View from the rabbit hole by Deborah Wright  acrylic 24x30 $1475  

I’m Deborah Wright and live in the beautiful mountains of northern California.  Nature has inspired my life and influences my art.  I'm a textile, mixed media and acrylic artist who loves bold, bright colors and texture.  Favorite mediums include acrylic paint, India ink and graphite pencil.
My work is abstract, non-objective and organic in style, as my approach is intuitive, loose and unstructured. I have received multiple awards at exhibits in Tuolumne and Amador counties.
Artists that have influenced my work include Alan Powell and Robert Burridge, both of California and Jane Davies of Vermont.
I have been blessed with space for painting, collage, assemblage art and workshops.  My studio encompasses an eclectic gallery and is featured on the Amador County Art Association annual open studio tour in September.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Meet THEME Division Accepted Artist Vickie Chew

Ironstone presents our first Theme Division artist of 2017 ...
Sunset Dills by Vickie Chew  oil  12x16  $300  T-009
Vickie Chew Art
Painting for me is a joy, challenge and mental escape all in one. Most of us Artists fall in love with a scene for variety of reasons just as you may fall in love with a particular surrounding or place. The scene usually has some type of emotional connection that originally attracts you to it, maybe you spent time there as a child, a first kiss, family outings or you are just attracted to the beauty of the area. I love the challenge of trying to capture the essence of what is before me, whether it be a barn, trees, lakes or ocean, ther
e is something special that attracted me to the scene. It is all about recreating the image before me and capturing the light, character and personality of the scene, nothing else exists, as I lose myself to the painting zone, as the “zone” is total captivation!

I do Impressionistic paintings in Plein Air, Studio, Murals and Commissioned pieces. I use brush and palette knife and rarely use or mix my oils with other mediums. My work is always sealed with a varnish finish, signed and numbered on the back of the canvas. I can be contacted at 209-743-4126