Saturday, April 28, 2018

Meet Artist Effie Komure, Spring Obsession Artist

“It’s Never Too Late”                                                                     Artist Effie Komure

Yes, it’s never too late is a phrase that Effie firmly believes.

Effie’s life starts at a concentration camp in Rohwer, Arkansas.  She was born on January 29, 1944.  Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor and World War II was declared by the U.S.
O-023 Fantancy forest by Effiedean Komure wc 18x12 $350

The United States of America incarcerated every man, women, and child who were of Japanese ancestors on the west coast.  Effie’s first year of life was in a small single walled barracks that was very cold in the winter with snow and very hot and humid in the summer.
O-024 Sunset of 2017 by Effiedean Komure wc 21x14.5 $400
  After the war had ended Effie’s family moved back to Lodi, California.  Her father farmed grapes before the war and lost everything.

He returned to start all over.  He was able to purchase 60 acres of grapes with the help of the entire family.  The vineyard is still in existence today.

Effie’s first art contest that Effie won was at Bruella Elementary School.  The teacher gave her first place from a drawing of Father Serra, who started a missionary in California.  The teacher showed the entire school the painting.  It was published on the front page of the school news paper.  This is when Effie decided to emphasize Art as a major in college.

O-025 Sandhill Cranes by Effiedean Komure wc 11x14 $250

Effie attended Sacramento State College and majored in art and education.  She taught secondary education in Sacramento for twenty-five years and the last fifth teen years she was a counselor in High school.  After retiring from education, raising a family, finally Effie started painting in watercolors.

Every Thursday she paints for Three hours in the same location where she attended high school called Hutchins Square.  With the help of art instructors Clare Oak, Jean Janssen, and Andrea Morris, Effie is given a chance to fulfill her desire to become a watercolor artist.

Recently, Effie took second place in the Lodi Grape Festival Art Show.  This was the won twice and she has ribbons from other local art shows. 

Last year she was accepted to show in the Sand Hill Crane Art Show.  She was able to sell several paintings in the last several years.  One of her painting hangs at her church.

Yes, It is never too late.  She just became seventy-four years old and finally in the Ironstone Spring Art Show. 

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