Friday, September 4, 2009

Rocks & Rock'n @ Ironstone Museum

Just in! A fantastic collection of specimen rocks and minerals. We are still going through the boxes and discovering one treasure after another. It's like Christmas in here. OK, I said the "word" before our other sacred holiday, Thanksgiving, so that's a few dozen cookies I have to bake ... but, it really is! Check out the photo and the mountain of boxes.

These new specimens are going up for sale this weekend here in the Museum. With prices ranging from $1.00 to $250.00 there is bound to be a treasure for you novice collectors as well as our seasoned rock hound friends out there.

This process is taking longer than usual, but we are finding that each specimen requires extended ooo's and ahhhh's as well as delving into the "Encyclopedia of Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones" for much needed information and enlightenment.

Such beauty sends my mind wondering... I don't ever remember seeing such beautiful specimens when expected to learn about minerals in high school. If these had been presented as part of the learning process, I honestly believe it could have changed the direction of part of my life interests.

How lucky are the students here in Calaveras County! They have the wonderful Russ and Pam Shoemaker at the Stories in Stones Learning Center downtown Angels Camp. Here, students young and old can learn hands on about how the earth was formed and how these unique specimens fit into the science of Mother Earth.

On your next trip up to Ironstone Museum, stop by their shop and give yourself a treat or check out their website at

Meanwhile, come in this weekend and check out the lovelies! While they last... here are a few photos of some of our favorites....

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