Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ironstone's 13th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show, Competition & Sale is looking to be one of the best exhibits on record. Open Division entries are arriving daily from throughout the United States. Theme Division Accepted Originals are arriving this weekend. Excited is not a powerful enough term to describe how I feel!

As curator of this exhibit for the past 12 years, I am especially thrilled about this years show. With so many new artists and mediums.  It is looking to me that the entries being submitted are across the board, from steel wall hangings, traditional paintings to fiber art.  And those are just the pieces already in.  With the February 5th deadline, who knows what else will come in.

It is such a thrill opening each entry to see the images submitted. We have seen this exhibit grow from a local art show to a National show over the past 12 years.  Each year the quality grows as does the participation. 

Murphys was a perfect location to start an exhibit like this.  After moving back home to this area over 20 years ago, I discovered an amazing abundance of artists living and working in this beautiful place a lot of us can call home.  Some hiding out in the hills while their works were being sold in San Francisco, New York and Coastal galleries.  Others determined to bring their art to the residents, organizations and communities here locally. As Murphys and Calaveras County grew, so did the awareness of these great artistic assets. 

Ironstone's Spring Obsession Art Show not only provides a venue for this talent, but brings an entirely new element.  Opening the exhibit to a National level brings to our area some of the top talent of our country. 

Now, lets take this to an even higher level. Wine & Food Pairing!  The March 6th reception for the artists is actually a spectacular food and wine pairing event. Executive Chef James creates tasting stations where a special food is paired with select variatals of Ironstone wine.  The station staff explain why each pairing was selected. Educational if you prefer or just have fun.

Always accompanied by live music, artists, buyers, gallery owners and art lovers get to browse the art, meet new friends and learn why artists do what they do and how.  It is such a fun evening!  The Theme Division winner is unveiled by Ironstone Family Vineyard owners, John and Gail Kautz with the introduction of the 2010 Ironstone Spring Obsession Poster.  President, Stephen Kautz presents the prizes to the Open Division Winners. 

This great exhibit officially opens Saturday, March 6th. & Sunday March 7th. The Heritage Building plays host to artists in action as well as artists who have set up booths to display more of their works and artistic endeavors.  The exhibit runs through Mother's Day weekend, which gives the art work maximum exposure to the broadest range of potential buyers and art lovers.

If you have any questions, just drop me an email at cgomez@ironstonevineyards.com

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