Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lost without my camera!

Can't believe how a lost in action camera can totally throw one off kelter!  Twitter has suffered and our poor blog came to a horrifying standstill! How can a digital camera cause speechlessness?  And this is someone who owned the "first camera" within the last 10 years. Mind you, the past was recorded with pen and sketchbooks, but, those don't upload as quickly or efficiently.  But, thanks to the saving grace of Carolyn! We are back on board, back in line and ready to go.

Did you notice the Mark Twain Quotes on the bottom of the blog? You should. Here is one man that should be listened to. 2010 marks Mark Twains 175th birth anniversary AND his 100th death anniversary.  A year to listen and celebrate one of our great American writters and humorists.  The Calaveras County Jumping Frog Jubilee has taken up our great fellow as the Theme for this years Fair, Mark Twain's Wit & Wisdom, for he excelled at both!  We actually have the book, "Mark Twain: his words, wit and wisdom" here in the Museum for sale. I took it home to browse through. There are over 1,800 quotes. He is funny, full of satire and you can probably find one of his quotes that will totally insult you. 

If you haven't been out to the winery lately, you had better hurry if you want to see the brilliant colors of spring!  If Mother Nature keeps it warm too long, the incredable barrels of tulips will rise, explode their colors and fall to the ground, soon!  Check out for the full scoop and photos of what is out there! These are just a few taken WITH THE CAMERA THANK YOU CAROLYN! 

Also updating the Artists Bios below. Check them out. Very interesting and tallented people in this years Spring Obsession Art Show...

And for those of you not so garden enclined.... may I present Cowboy Bob's Flowers!

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