Sunday, September 26, 2010

Concours d'Elegance 2010

What an exciting day Saturday was.  Mind you, I am not all that much of a big auto fanatic other than for transportation and hauling. Go figure, I drive a truck.  But, Saturday actually proved to be an exciting day.  Looking at all those cars, trucks, boats & cycles brought back such great memories of years past.  Camping trips as a kid with an old falcon with a matching trailer, the two restored Model A's my dad drove us around in the rumble seat, the mustang convertable I drove through High School until Dad realized how valuable it was... still in the family, too...
Car club trips, gathering at a friends or family homes to admire the new vehicle, yeah I even remember someone with an Edsel! Family members attempting to restore an old Chris Craft, succeeding later in life with a historic motorcycle... guess you really don't have to be a classic car fanatic to really enjoy a classic car show.  I certainly did and on so many different levels.

This year too brought out 11 outstanding Plein Aire Artists that painted throughout the facility during the show.  They had soo much to chose from, some focused on a single scene throughout the day, while others would sketch or paint a while, then move on to another area and more opportunities.  They were all enjoying the crowds as much as the crowds seem to enjoy them. Lots of questions, commendations and a few sales as well.  You can see their biographies below..

Again this year, Ironstone's Volunteer Team came through for the Concours Foundation with flying colors. All prompt, friendly and more than helpful to all the guests attending this year.  I can't say enough in praise for this wonderful and fun group of people.  Why, one of our volunteer couples were even Best of Class winners with their flashy looking classic jag.  Very hot & sleek looking machine that one! Kudos to them all!

A great thank you to Michele's wonderful son for taking all those great photos and Artist Sonny Sorensen!

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