Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Trees, persimmons and fujis galore!

With days left before Christmas tis time to trim the tree.

Don't panic, Ironstone has fresh just off the ranch natural trees from Murphys.  From only $20 - $30, tis a great deal as well.  I love the natural look of my tree from Ironstone.  Cut right from Ironstone's ranch, these trees will stay fresh longer and provide a great country look to your Christmas decor.

carmel coat the apples

Fujis from Calaveras County apple farm, these yummy apples are sold here at Ironstone for only .75 cents a pound. Hard to find a better deal!  Coat those with carmel for all the family and friends...

 and bake those persimmon cookies!

Yes, fresh Persimmons!  These make the best Christmas cookies ... and only .50 cents a pound you can afford to stock up, bake up a storm and present the best Christmas presents around!  Ironstone has them both small and large.  All are here while supply lasts...

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