Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quilts Quilts and more Quilts!

It is Quilt time at Ironstone starting Friday with the Mountain Heirloom Quilt Faire XXXV.

The vendor level is packed this year!  Even overflowing up to our Museum level. Watching all the unloading and setting up today is exciting. Can't wait to take a walk through the booths and see what's new from last year.

Even if you aren't a big quilt fan, this is a must see event. I love the Guild's "store". Every year I find great stocking stuffers and special gifts for best friends and family, all hand made with great prices.

Another treat is always the pathway markers. Made up of a variety of styles of shoes, these eye catching eye candy treats are decorated by guild members into some of the most fun pathway markers you would ever want to see... great ideas for family parties!  But, those aren't out yet! 
We will have to wait until tomorrow to see those little jewels

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