Friday, August 1, 2014

Bells, Bells and more Bells!

The Bells are in!

Yes, we have a collection of bells in that Mr. Kautz found at an estate sale. They are all for sale with prices ranging from $5 - $25.

I was going to do a nice short little history of Bells ... but, going back to the beginning around 4000 BC in China and ending up here at Ironstone with a room full of little china, glass & pottery bells doesn't make for a short story!

Besides, these don't really fit the search engine's descriptors of musical instruments as they are nice but not fine tuned enough for the orchestra, nor do they lend themselves to the "calling workers from the field to meals" category as I doubt anyone can hear them even from the next room.  

However, they are quite nice little bells with cheery sounds that can remind someone you are stuck in your room in a full lower body cast and need a drink of water or they would fit nicely in someone's bell collection.

In any case, they are charming with nice sounds and great prices.  Come check them out. 

If they are still here in December, you may be subject to a complimentary tasting concert featuring our very own bell choir!  (Save us all and come buy some now!)

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