Sunday, March 4, 2018

And the Winners ARE....

T-023  Daffodils-In-Blue  by Ron Miranda  oil 16x20  $2000
Calaveras County Arts Council Special Blue Ribbon Award goes to
Ron Miranda for "Daffodils in Blue

O-060 Homestead by Paula Oesterling mm 12x13 $145-
Family Merit Award Ribbons:

Paula Oesterling, "Homestead"

O-154 Hoofveats in Spirit by Brad Stone acrylic 30x24 $450

Brad Stone, "Hoofbeats in Spirit"

W. Vaughn Lew, "Apple Blossoms"

T-014 Spring Apple Blossoms  by Vaughn Lew  oil 20x24  $1100

Judges Merit Award Ribbons:

Margaret Sloan, "Farmington
O-119 Farmington Road by Margaret Sloan wc 6x6 $175

Barbara Conley,  "Davis Grocery - Closed for the Day"
O-123 Davis Grocery Closed for the Day by Barbara Conley acrylic 14x24 $3300

3rd place OPEN Division

Marilyn Wear, "The River Flows" 
O-062 The River Flows by Marilyn Wear  wc 14x20 $1500

2nd place OPEN Division

Joani Taylor, "Blue Macaw"  

O-033 Blue Macaw by Joani Taylor   wc 24x30  $1500

1st place OPEN Division

Juliana Tillman, "Morning Walk"

O-134 Morning Walk II by Juliana Tillman Watercolor 8x10 $225.00 SOLD

2018 Series #21 Theme Division Poster Winner

Connie Carson-Romano,  "Simply Daffodil"

T-005 simply daffodil by Connie Carson Romano acrylic 20x20 $275

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