Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Barb knows what she wants for Christmas!

Not every day you find the perfect gift... for yourself! But Barbara Zimmerman did!
Barbara is a member of an RV Club that in turn is part of the Redding Elks Lodge #1073. Up to Murphys on one of their monthly outings last Thursday, May 14th, Barbara, Richard Richards and the rest of the RV Club made their way to Ironstone Vineyards. After lunch, they headed over to us here in the Ironstone Museum to check out our Gold! And there you go! Love at first sight! Leaving the Gold Vault, Barabara explained to her fellow travelers that she knows what she wants for Christmas! 44 pounds of it! Or any chips or flakes that happen to find their way off the big piece!
The groups next outing is a "Chili Cook Off" at McCloud, with 85 rigs heading out for what Richard calls "the big on for the year". We wish the group a great time and hope they come back and check up on Barb's Christmas gift!

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