Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mario's Gold Nugget

As he prefers to be called, the "World Famous Gold Prospector Mario" is here at Ironstone this weekend teaching all interested how to pan for gold. He even promises you will find some!

Mario is quite proud of his newest Gold nugget. He wears this one around his neck. It is quite a bobble or Gold Panners Bling! We don't think you will find one this big in the gold pans. It was hard rock mined in one of Mario's claims over in Tuolumne County, just on the other side of the river from us here in Murphys.

Come on out and meet Mario. He is after all the real thing! Made a living panming and mining for Gold here in the Sierra. Mario hails from Italy and if you ask, he has quite a story to tell about how he left Verona, Italy as a young boy during the war and made his way to America. It is quite a story. He will also teach you the right way and the wrong way to pan for gold. He does have the touch.

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