Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sacramento Fine Arts Center Conference

This week marks the first annual "Improving the Impact of Arts on the Regional Economy" presented by the Sacramento Fine Arts Center in Carmichael. A very ambitious project designed to bring together businesses, artists and community to explore ways to create new economic opportunities. Coordinators Marie Dixon and Marilyn McGinnis, pictured above, have taken on a huge conference with a potential of significantly improving the relations of arts, business and community.
Ironstone Vineyards was present as guest panellist representing Calaveras County Arts and business. Upon entry into the main spacious working room of the center, I discovered the legendary watercolorist, Ken Potter conducting a working studio class. Quite impressivc and very engaging. My panel station was located in one of two beautiful rooms awash with light from huge floor to ceiling windows that encompase an entire wall in each room. On display was a fantastic exhibit of the Center's working artists. Very impressive line up.

Along with the Center's Board members, I also met other business leaders from the area with an interest in the arts. Questions centered around incorporating business and art for the benefit of all and more specifically what were Ironstone Vineyard's goals as they involve art. Sharing our goals to promote not only the individual artist, but the areas superb art galleries and art groups opened more questions on how Ironstone planned on doing this. Answer; local painting groups and gallerys are invited to present their works and stable of artists for temporary display in one of Ironstone's Gallerias. Ironstone will also be working with outside non-profit art associations and centers with promotion of their upcoming special exhibits with previews and event information on display.

Today's agenda at the conference is focused on Arts in & Outside the Home/Business with panel members from the staging and realty communities. Also today are scheduled two workshops, one featuring Phil Evans from the Sculpture Park and the second featuring Sarah Solis Matson with Fresco Painting.

Thursdays agenda focuses on Supportive Services - Marketing, Financial, etc. with panelists from the marketing industry and financial industry. Studio workshops on Thursday include Mary Bonanno, photography, Karen Sanders, graphic arts, and Susan Leith with "How to take Photos of Your Art Work".

As a first year event, I was quite impressed by the scope of the conference and feel it is a great asset to the community and a wonderful learning experience for all participants.

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