Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Obsession ART EVENT this weekend!

This is our big Spring Obsession Art Weekend!  With over 150 paintings gracing the walls of Ironstone, you will certainly find a painting that will set your heart on fire, light up your day or simply bring a smile to your face.

Joining us this weekend are over 25 of the more than 75 accepted artists.  They will be setting up wonderful displays of their work as well as painting, drawing and creating just for you. All this is free and open to the public, so please come by between 10 - 4 on Saturday and 10 - 3 on Sunday to meet and greet these talented people. Watch them paint, learn or just enjoy the show.  Many will be out and about the gardens of Ironstone with easels set up and painting away. See if you can find them!  And we are certain they will be out there. According to the weather "people", this lovely rain will clear up on Friday and give us a stunning weekend here in the Sierras. 

Don't forget the flower barrel program begins this weekend as well!  Over 600 half barrels have been planted with daffodils, tulips, iris and more.  Watch them as they bloom and color our world beautiful.  Only at Ironstone!  Bring your cameras!

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