Thursday, January 17, 2013

Family & Friends help Drain your cellar?

Family & Friends help you drain your wine cellar over the Holidays? 
I know we did and had a great time doing it!  

I'm restocking this Saturday from 9 to 2 at Ironstone's Warehouse Wine Sale.

I know this will probably backfire on me, but, we managed to get several cases of the Leaping Horse Shiraz into the Museum for a "pre-sale" deal through New Years and what a great wine for only $3 a bottle!  I know I restocked several times. As the family headed home after the celebrations, they stopped by for a few cases as well. It will be one of the featured wines on Saturday along with a nice Leaping Horse Merlot, and a very tasty Stone Valley Chardonnay among others. Can't beat that $36 a case price!

Several cases are going home with me again if I can get there early enough!

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