Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gett'n Ready!

Today we are working out details on bringing the Art in Action for Spring Obsession to the Alhambra Music Room for the weekend instead of the Heritage Room where we have been located these past several years.

Based on suggestions from all of our past participating artists, this will bring you and your display into the same area as the Exhibit, which will provide more direct and constant contact with your public for the weekend.  An added benefit is participating artists will be able to enjoy Chef Rob's cooking demos on Saturday without leaving their space!

Making this move will limit the actual display area as well as the number of artists able to participate. How the selections will be made is still up in the air. Your suggestions are always welcome. Whichever direction is chosen will be what we consider the most fair for all.

Connie McLennan, Participating in the 2012 Spring Obsession Event in the Heritage Room.
Will keep you updated on the ongoing progress.

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