Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meet Artist Ann Nancy Macomber, Spring Obsession Theme Accepted Artist

Ann Nancy Macomber

Biography 2013

Flora and Fauna in their natural habitat as well as historic buildings inspire me to create both representational and abstract paintings.
Exploring blocks of color and using strong linear movements seems to create an almost mosaic or stained glass effect in my work.  I work in all water medium but especially acrylic.

I've always looked for new solutions, studied with nationally known artists, and searched for new locations. Joe Smernicki of Scotland especially inspires me to use square brush strokes.  Stephen Quiller and Jane Hofstetter, both master colorists, have led me to explore new color combinations. Painting was intermingled with a thirty year teaching career in public education. I earned an MBA from USF in fine arts.

My work can currently be seen at The Aloft Gallery in Sonora, CA; Town Hall Arts Galerie Copper in Copperopolis, CA; Calaveras County Arts Council Gallery in San Andreas, CA and on line at upstreapeoplegallery.com and artsofbearvalley.org.  Other showings have included The Artists Alley Gallery in San Francisco and the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, CA.

My work has received awards in the County and State Fairs, the Triton Museum of Art Statewide Watercolor Competition & Exhibition and in numerous local and state exhibits.

Painting around my home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 5000 feet, surrounded by the Stanislaus National Forest and finding wildlife outside my door keeps my brush, sketchbook and camera busy.

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