Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meet Spring Obsession Theme Division Artist, Gwenlyn Norton

Gwenlyn has been a participant in Ironstone's Spring Obsession Art Show for many years now, bringing a unique and vivid perspective to the world around us.  Now, from Gwenlyn's own words ...

Gwenlyn Norton

What is this power that takes over my mind and body and puts me in the flow of creativity?
I am so focused,
So dedicated,
So directed,
So determined,
So utterly consumed by spending as much time and energy
As I am able
To building,
To experimenting with materials, with color, with texture ***
Driven to see what happens, what develops, what results from my actions...
To experience the excitement, the humor, the failures, the rewards and the new challenges.
It's the life I thoroughly relish.

My contributions to Ironstone Vineyards, Theme Division,
16th Annyal SPRING OBSESSION Art Competition & Sale
are as follows:

T-016  Faith  by Gwenlyn Norton  pencil  12x16  $450
T-017  Dancing on the Keys  by Gwenlyn Norton  Mix Media  12x18  $350 



    Dancing on the Keys

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