Thursday, January 10, 2013

What are you Thinking?

OK, here is a look at the panels we will be using for the Main Building Spring Obsession Artists March 2 & 3.

There will be 4 panels joined. with one panel per artist.  There is space for a chair and easel or small card table. The panels themselves are 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide. They have grey fabric that would use something like a shower curtain hook for hanging art. We will figure that out between now and March 2.

We think this will satisfy the past artists requests that we move them into the main building.  With other activities going on in this room that Spring Obsession Event weekend, these panels look to be a great solution.

The Heritage Room, which we have utilized in the past will be reserved for presentations, classes or other projects the accepted Spring Obsession Artists come up with. Send me your ideas!  

OR, if you have art supplies you would like to sell or services for artists you would like to promote, contact me. We can work something out for that great Weekend Event.

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Connie McLennan said...

I just set up a table an measured everything. These are enormous panels!