Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Artist Christine Muratore, Ironstone's Spring Obsession OPEN Division Artist

Christine Muratore   
Artist Statement:
Instead of investing in the limitations of creating art from hindsight, we should initiate the path of art with foresight.

The dynamic synergy of structural and organic relationship is evident in our environment. Color, light and texture merging at different moments in time visually transform objects in our environment. Though the objects remain constant, these joined influences change how they are seen.

This coexistence is visible in natural cycles or exposure through time and function.

Working with aspects of architectural restoration has given tangible reference to this relationship.

Individual thoughts, emotions and responses are products of underlying experience. One's perspective has a structural base formed by this history while remaining organic.

As new experiences unfold, people reconstruct that framework, expanding, discarding, or renewing perceptions from current influences upon that support. Learning to play an instrument can initially be a painful experience, once mastered, it's a source of joy.

Inspired by the structural and organic relationship, my compositions explore images, color and textures to create a visual history of experience, while alluding to the ongoing transformation of self. The intention is to capture the ambiguity of perception. 

Short description of Work: Paintings using oil, acrylics, complementing medium and materials where texture is essential to the compositional statement.  An emphasis on the organic and structural relationship through form, color and texture.  

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