Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet Artist Ines Leontiev-Hogan, Spring Obsession Open Division

Inés Leontiev-Hogan

            My work tends to be intuitive and to reflect what is going on in my life at the time. The female form often ends up featured in much of my work for the simple reason that it is both awe-inspiring and incredibly beautiful to me.

This year has been about experimenting with different techniques and mediums as well as about healing the spirit. I am currently working on a series of collagraphs, as well as a series of portraits of family and friends. My focus has been centered on various printmaking methods, to include woodcut, monotype, relief, etching, drypoint, collagraph, and Safety-Kut. I often incorporate printmaking as well as oil, acrylic, and tempera paints onto wood panels to create mixed media and collage work.

I prefer working with mediums and materials that lend themselves to the element of surprise as it forces me to surrender all controls and enjoy the process of discovery. I often incorporate found objects or recycled materials in my work as I enjoy the surprises that surface as a result.  As I add layer upon layer of paint, paper, prints, and found objects onto a wood panel I get rewarded with a variety of options that I can then work further into a cohesive whole.
    Everything in life affects what I create, whether it is my multiculturalism, my mood, friends, family, garden, travels, books I read, artists I study, music I listen to or movies I watch. I tend to do better when I work on several pieces simultaneously because it feeds my very short attention span and keeps my creative juices flowing.

            I do not tend to think about what the viewer will see in what I create because the process is intuitive and very personal to me. What I do hope is that the final images enable the viewer to reflect and contemplate on the value and beauty of art in a unique way.  

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