Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet Artist Connie Carson - Romano, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open division accepted artist

Connie Carson - Romano

Art is an expression of the way the artist views the world in which he lives. Through my paintings I try to communicate the emotions that made the subject something I wanted to share with others whether it be joy, serenity, or the excitement of the beauty of nature. I know I have succeeded at my Art when someone looks at one of my paintings or drawings and says "That makes me feel ...."

I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not drawing or painting. Acrylic paint is my favored medium.  I love the way it works and forms on the canvas. The colors that are present in nature are phenomenal and I love trying to create the same shades.  Being raised in New Mexico I found myself immersed from an early age in the amazing palate of nature and the challenge of trying to recreate that on canvas.  Now as a resident of Northern California I am awed at the diversity of landscapes we live in.

While my paintings for their colors are my favored expression of the world I have also spent time drawing in black and white. In the 1990's I was published for 6 years as the creator of the cartoon strip "Cody Coyote". Cody was a wonderful combination of my drawings and verbal expression of the humorous side of life. Cody was well loved by the readers of the paper in the mountain community in New Mexico where he was published. It was wonderful to walk into someone's house and see their favorite Cody strip hanging on the refrigerator and know that my art added a smile to their day.

   Two Artists looking at the same object of same landscape will create completely different expressions of what they see.  I find it is amazing and exciting that so many different interpretations of the world around us are available through the eyes of Artists. It is my pleasure that I am able to add my own personal expressions to this collection.



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