Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Meet Theme Division Accepted Artist Mary Ann Kash

Mary Ann Kash

T-006  Friends  by Mary Ann Kash  pencil  11x14  $450
I have enjoyed drawing from childhood to the present.  The intricacies of line and detail fascinate me and I have always been partial nature, trees and bark specifically.  One of my first accepted showings, as an art student, was a rendering of the bark of a section of a California Redwood.  I realized then that I was hooked on trees, vines and fence posts.
Drawing from nature is daunting, thus, I normally use photographs as my inspiration in order to capture the complexity my subject.  Photography is a hobby of mine which often turns into an art project.
Preparing my submission for the Ironstone 2017 Spring Obsession was great fun, although, it was hard to stop and call the drawing finished.  Working on vines or tree trunks can be addictive.   To me grape vines are masterpieces of design, swirls and curlicues, divots and flat planes.  
My favorite medium is graphite combined with colored pencil and water color.  I sell copies of my work at Farmers Markets in Tuolumne County.
Thank you for viewing my art, it has been my pleasure.
Mary Ann Kash


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