Tuesday, June 4, 2019

First Fridays in Murphys Back for the Summer!

First Fridays in the Park 2019
Starts this Friday, June 6 at 5:30 pm

Brian Jirka and the Cabby Band will blend their stylish creations of pop, rock and soul into a unique experience for the whole family when they kick off the Murphys Community Club’s popular First Fridays in the Park series on Friday, June 7, 5:30 pm.

From June to September, First Fridays in the Park will feature performances by a variety of musical groups playing in the familiar gazebo starting at 5:30 p.m.  Friends and neighbors are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy a small town America gathering in the cool confines of Murphys Community Park.  The park’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) license prohibits the bringing of wine or liquor into the park but wine and beer will be available to purchase with the proceeds going to the Murphys Community Club. . Each event will have a community sponsor. Murphys Pour House and Murphys Irish Pub are the June sponsors. 

Beginning at 4 p.m. music lovers can purchase food from two food trucks. Lorenzo Neto and his Food Shack sells hamburgers, burritos, salads and more. Mary’s Taco Truck offers a variety of Latin favorites. There will be a featured local wine, beer and other beverages for sale at “The Hut”.  All proceeds will go to maintaining and improving the park.

There is no admission charge and ample free parking is available nearby. Donations to help maintain the park are always gratefully received.

The featured bands for the rest of the First Fridays series are:  July 5, Two Hoots and a Holler; August 2, The Iconics; September 6, Leilani and the Distractions.

The park will also be the site for the Calaveras Arts Council’s Wednesday, August 7 Music in the Parks performance featuring Cantamos, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Murphys Community Park is located on Algiers St. in historic downtown Murphys.  Membership in the Murphys Community Club is open to everyone and contributions are tax deductible.  For further information, call 209-728-8093.

MBA, P.O. Box 2034, Murphys, CA 95247 -

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Free Appraisal Clinic

June 29th & 30th

Saturday & Sunday


Heritage Room
at Ironstone Vineyards

1894 Six Mile Road, Murphys, CA 95247

Bring your antique and cherished collectibles!
Several Specialists will be onsite to assist you

Also Accepting items for consignment

Monday, May 6, 2019

Free Appraisal Clinic! Save the date

June 29 & 30
Saturday & Sunday
Heritage Room
Ironstone Vineyards
1894 Six Mile Road, Murphys, CA 95247
FEATURING · Coin & Currency ·Gold Specimens · Native American Jewely & Baskets · Railroad ·Cowboy Stuff & Lawman Badges · Historical Docs · Guns  · Western Art· Postal History  · and More ·
All Ages Event
Advance Reservations
Recommended for very large collections
At the Door
Bring in your old stuff and prize items for FREE Appraisal by one of American’s foremost specialist in early Americana, Holabird Americana
Holabird Americana & Ironstone Vineyards

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Special "Mentoring Moments" from Allen Haas

This is a special note from Daffodil Grower, Allen Haas.  Read on and join the fun! Be ready for next year's spectacular daffodil show.

A P R I L   2 0 1 9
"Mentoring Moments"
Allen Haas

The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to encourage daffodil growers in the American Daffodil Society.  The primary reference is the ADS "The Daffodil PrimerZone 3-7" (TDP).  Zone specific copies are mailed to all new members. Additional copies may be obtained thru the web store on

Each newsletter stands alone and only focuses on each month's suggested activities.  Even though I'm writing from my personal perspective, I grow in zone 7a in the mountains of western North Carolina at around 2200 feet; I hope readers can take something from each newsletter.

In addition, growers are highly encouraged to reach out to their local societies and ADS Regional Vice Presidents and Directors for additional mentoring and growing advice. A current list of ADS Regions, local societies, and Regional Vice Presidents' e-mail addresses can be found at:

Good luck and happy growing!

Allen Haas
Chairman, Membership Committee

What to do now?

1.  Change is inevitable.  Really?

2.  Identify your daffodils

3.  Fertilize or not

1.  Change is inevitable.  Really?

When I left on April 4th to audit Judges’ School 1 and attend both the Gloucester and Alexandria, VA daffodil shows, my daffodil blooms were in pretty good shape. When I returned home 11 days later, I found lots of flattened foliage, but hardly any blooms.  My weather app alerts of “hail, tornado-level winds and heavy rains” (6.5 cumulative inches) were all sadly true.  Some of my late planted daffodils may still bloom, but my show season is basically over.  Yet, daffodils are tough and mine are no exception.  While repairing some erosion problem areas, I’m happy to report my strategy of mulching and interplanting my daffodils among emerging daylilies has worked out just fine.  Most of my gardens are on hillsides or in raised beds which help to minimize drainage problems.  Yes, change is inevitable, so I’m already planning on dividing and moving a number of my daffodils to more eye-pleasing positions in my gardens.

2.  Identify your daffodils

Why take the time to identify your daffodils?  Sure, you can just plant and enjoy your daffodil blooms, but you probably joined the ADS because you wanted to learn more about daffodils.  A simple “name” unlocks a plethora of information about your daffodils especially on  When you discuss your favorite blooms with fellow growers, it’s also more rewarding to discuss specific varieties rather than a general description. I recently found a gorgeous little two-bloom white and pink variety in one of my gardens, but had no idea what it was.  Fortunately, I took a couple of stems to the Gloucester show and showed them to Brent Heath of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs.  His eyes lit up and he said, “Oh yes, that’s one we hybridized and it’s called Sweet Smiles!”  I encourage you to go to and see all that I discovered about this little jewel. Knowing its name also allowed me to enter the bloom in the Gloucester show because as my judging school instructors emphasized, “unknown or misidentified blooms will not be judged.”  Another excellent source in your identification efforts is your daffodil mentor.  I encourage you to reach out to them.

3.  Fertilize or not

My thoughts on this subject have generated the most response of anything I’ve discussed so far.  Yes, we gardeners definitely have strong opinions and most aren’t bashful about voicing them.  All I can do is write confidently about what works for me.  At this time, in my garden, I only plan to apply a foliar feed which will quickly be taken up by the still actively growing plants.

Still, I did ask a commercial landscaper and a visiting Dutch bulb grower about their fertilizing strategies.  Both said they apply a good 3 to 4-month time-release bulb fertilizer when the leaves first start breaking ground, which for them is usually in mid or late winter.  The time-release fertilizers I’m familiar with break down over time, based on temperature.  The warmer it is the quicker they will release their nutrients.  Time-release fertilizers are generally more expensive than regular formulated fertilizers, but their main advantages are that they lessen the chance of burning a plant with too much fertilizer all at once and they only need to be applied once vice 2-3 times over the same timeframe.

In the end, we all have to figure out what works best for us.  One of the joys of gardening is learning about new techniques and then seeing if they work for you.

Lastly of note, my daffodil mentor e-mailed me that they probably need to update the Georgia DS “Annual Calendar of Care” advice in fertilizing early-date hybridized historicsand species daffodils!  “We need to indicate one fertilizes sparingly….and if the soil is rich and a heavy leaf litter maintained, then fertilizing is really not needed.”

Good luck and see you next month!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Maggie entertaining our guests

Another fun day for Maggie!  Entertaining her new friends. Thank goodness for Spring Break!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Northern California Daffodil Society Spring Show at Ironstone

Today marks the final day of the Northern California Daffodil Society Spring Daffodil Show at Ironstone Vineyards.  It always truly amazes me the variety of daffodils that grace this exhibit.  Below are just a few photos, as it is a show you must see in person.  If you haven't visited this free exhibit in the past, mark your calendars for the 2020 show, the second weekend of March.

Now, for my favorite section, the miniatures.  These are fascinating blooms no larger than a fingernail.  And even more amazing are Bob Spotts GREEN Daffodils!  Years in the making, Master of Daffodils, Bob Spotts has created a truly green daffodil.

The Calaveras Garden Club brought in a few arrangements highlighting daffodils.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Saturday Dedication and Openin


Some exciting historical events are happening Saturday, March 9th in downtown Murphys. On the corner of Main Street and Big Trees Road (across from the red barn at the 4 way stop) The Malspina-Davies building was originally constructed in 1898 and the Native Sons will be officially dedicating it as a local historical landmark.  Recognition and celebration will 2be taking place at the historical property, currently the office of RE/MAX Gold and will be opening day for the brand new The Art Studio, hosted by local artist Judie Cain. 

Judie Cain is taking over the rear portion of the building (behind and between RE/MAX Gold and Robs Diner) as her working studio, classroom and show space.  It will be open by appointment and periodic special events only, such as classes and shows. Saturday will be a preview of things to come for Judie, with her first guest artist, Sarah Evans, as her show companion for this two-day event.

Several years ago Judie Cain had an art gallery in Forest Meadows (The Art Gallery) and well known artist, Sarah Evans had been one of her top selling artists.  So selecting longtime friend and fellow artist, Sarah Evans, as her first guest artist is a natural and a privilege.  Sarah has an impressive scholastic and professional career in the arts and in fine art and is highly collected.  She is represented locally by the Art On Main Gallery, in Murphys.

At Judies former Cain Art Studio in Forest Meadows she taught oil painting fundamentals and color demystified” classes and at various other venues.  She has been represented in galleries and has taught in the three western states.  She is represented by Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis, where she also has taught, and by Image Connection Agency, in Stockton. The larger studio space will allow Judie to hold classes and shows, as well as create.

Please join us for this impressive historical and arts event.  Tours of the historic building and book signing by Maureen Elliott, of her new book, They Walked The Streets of Murphys Camp, will begin at noon. The Native Sons impressive dedication ceremony begins at 1 p.m.  Everyone is welcome to this special event.

The Art Studio will open at 11 to 4 Saturday, Come meet artists Sarah Evans and Judie Cain and view their original artwork.  Intended hours for Sunday are noon to 4,

To contact Judie Cain about private lessons and to view her artwork at The Art Studio” at 209-728-2267 or 209-559-3345.

Gently In To Fall  by Judie Cain

Note:  Image by Sarah Evans unavailable at this time

Monday, March 4, 2019

Voices of Wisdom, FREE Workshop presented by Conrad Levasseur

Ironstone's own Conrad Levasseur will be the guest presenter at a free workshop in Creative Journaling. We are very proud of Conrad and hope you can join him!

VOICES OF WISDOM – GUEST PRESENTER CONRAD LEVASSEUR - Tuesday March 5, from 1-3 PM at Manzanita!

Conrad Levasseur, poet and writer, as well as Director of Community Relations and Development at Ironstone Vineyards, will be presenting a free workshop in Creative Journaling at the Tuesday, March 5, at the Voices of Wisdom free writing classes for seniors session from 1-3 pm. 

Location: Manzanita Arts Emporium in Angels Camp. The two-hour session will focus on opening channels of creativity, using art and the written word to stimulate personal ways to express artistic desire. Keeping a multimedia journal can be used to record emotions, memories, creative ideas—as well as trigger hidden images and language repressed by our busy lifestyle and workaday world. Conrad Levasseur has developed a method that will pique interest in one’s own artistic talents and may assist the writer, artist, or anyone interested in expanding their artistic desires, to experiment with images and language.

Journal writing, poetry and art have been important mediums for Conrad in helping to balance his outer explorations with his more inner ones. He has taught workshops in multi-dimensional journal writing, using these elements and others as a therapeutic way to put one’s business, or academic life, into a greater creative perspective. He has published seven books of poetry, and is currently working on several manuscripts and a complete collection of his poetry. He and his wife, Margaret, moved with their three children from San Francisco to Calaveras County in 1981. 

Conrad Levasseur has conducted groups through over a hundred and twenty countries in Africa, asia, Central and South America, the South Pacific, Indian Ocean and Europe. For sixteen years, he was West Coast Regional Sales Manager for Travcoa (Travel Corporation of America), designing and implementing global travel presentations around the United States. He directed Lodestar International Student Center’s summer program in Calaveras County for UC Berkeley’s International House. In the 1970s, Conrad was a wild River Rafting and Wilderness Guide for ARTA (American River touring Association) in California, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. He directed an environmental Speakers Program for the San Francisco Ecology Center and conducted walking tours of the city. His work at Ironstone Vineyards as Director of Community Relations & Development for over 16 years continues his interest in sharing information about our community to visitors from all over the country and world.

Call Monika to let her know you are coming to this hands-on workshop as space is limited to 25. Participants are asked to bring printed photos that are memorable to them, old magazines of a topical nature, cut out newspaper headlines or other printed material , journals, their own writing in print, scissors, a glue stick, and any other media they would like to utilize and/or share at their table. Space limited to 25 participants. 

MUST RSVP! Thanks! 


Manzanita Arts Emporium                    
Home of Manzanita Writers Press

Sunday, March 3, 2019

And the Winners Are!

Judges Merit Awards

O-009 Pucker Up by Connie McLennan  oil  8x8  $150

“Pucker Up” by Connie McLennan 

O-046  Tulips! by Louanne Korver oil 24x36  $2400
“Tulips” by Louanne Korver 

O-051 Gently in to Fall by Judie Cain oil 24x36  $2200
Gently Into Fall”  by Judie Cain



O-052  4-Seasons-by Cali Roberson  pencil  28x32 $2500
Four Seasons” by Cali Roberson


O-172 Silver Fork River by Chris Knopp wc 15x22 $500
“Silver Fork Winter”  by Chris Knopp


O-068  La Vie en Rose by Janette Jones  oil  30x36 $1100
       “La Vie en Rose”  by Janette Jones

22nd Annual Spring Obsession Art Show


T-014 Flower Bed by Ron Miranda  oil  16x20  $1750

“Flower Bed”   by


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Meet Artist Roy Ishii

Meet Artist Connie Romano

T-012 Springtime Rebels by Connie Carson-Romano acrylic  16x20  $285

    Since I was a young girl I have enjoyed the challenge of reproducing the beauty that surrounds us in drawing or paints.   Being raised in the mountains of New Mexico gave me a deep appreciation of nature and provided my art with a great pallet of colors to work with.  

O-082 Sunset Glow by Connie Carson Romano acrylic 24x18 $280

     When I was in third grade I entered a drawing in a state wide contest sponsored by the State Fair board in New Mexico.  My drawing was of a conquistador riding his horse and I was so surprised when my work was chosen.  I remember how exciting it was to see my drawing on a poster advertising the State Fair.   Strangely that event caused me to feel very shy about my art and for the next 50 years it remained a private enjoyment and a personal meditation.  

T-013  Daffodil Drama   by Connie Carson-Romano acrylic  16x20  $325
      My husband, who was my greatest fan, talked me into entering the Spring Obsession Art Show in 2013.  I was so excited when several of my paintings were chosen to hang among the expressions of so many artists.  I have entered every year since and was very honored to have my work “Simply Daffodils” chosen last to represent the 2018 release of Ironstones Obsession.


O-083 Violets by        Connie Carson-Romanacr 20x20 $260

  Ironstone vineyards is a beautiful venue and I am, again this year, very proud to have several of my works hang on the walls among the works of so many talented people.  

Meet Artist Robert Mittenmaier

 Robert Mittenmaier 

is an American artist  painting in acrylic on Masonite. For over 30 years, he has specialized in works depicting automobiles - paintings that have taken him worldwide.

T-027  Garden Club Flower Show by Robert Mittenmaier  acrylic  35x24  $8000

His art has always been an avocation,

while he pursued a successful career

in home design.

O-026 Murphys Hotel  by Robert Mittenmaieracrylic  40x40  $25000

Upon the passing of his wife of 45 years, Robert relocated from NYC to Murphys to be with family.  
O-028 Murphys Library  by Robert Mittenmaieracrylic  18x26 $10000

Shifting gears, he began painting the town he now calls home, and is doing a series depicting the historic buildings of Murphys.

All proceeds from any sales are donated

to charity.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Meet Artist Susie Hoffman

Susie Hoffman Fine Art
 2019 Copperopolis, CA 

O-075  The Murphys Hotel by Susie Hoffman oil 12x16 $295

O-074  Kate by Susie Hoffman oil 14x14 $250

Susie seized the opportunity to take up art after retiring from teaching sixth grade several years ago.  She started in watercolor, but has branched into work in most all media.   She and her husband, Larry, created the art center Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis where she has enjoyed classes by many foothill artists over the last nine years.  From pastels to mosaics, she is always eager to learn something new.  She also teaches beginning art in all media and sells her artwork and photographs at Town Hall Arts.

Taking great pleasure in painting with others, Susie fills the calendar at Town Hall Arts with a variety of classes and activities.  Artists regularly come from distant towns to paint with friends in the Town Hall Arts studio, which has become a hub for artists both in the hills and the valley.  She has also organized yearly painting trips from Copperopolis to art workshops in France, Ireland, Croatia, and Maine.    Susie has received multiple first place, best of division, and best of show awards in Northern California shows.  Her work has been published in several books, covers of art show programs and TV guides, and local newspapers.  

O-076  Lake Sail by Susie Hoffman oil 28x22 $495

You may see Susie’s artwork displayed at Galerie Copper, Roaster’s Coffee House,  Saddle Creek Resort,  and Plaza Skin Care in Copperopolis;  Manzanita Arts Emporium in Angels Camp; Ironstone Vineyard in Murphys;  various venues in Sonora;  Calaveras Arts Council in San Andreas;   the Groveland Library; and her online shop at

Meet Artist Angela Harmon

Angela Harmon


Angela Harmon is a 1999 transplant from the Bay Area.  She and her husband Don have been transforming their property on historic Main Street in Douglas Flat including an art studio with origins from an 1850’s cabin, orchard trees and gardens of inspiration and joy.  Angela’s art studio was the original home on the property.  

O-071  Pretty-in-Pink  by Angela Harmon  MM 9x12 $155

Recently retired, Angela is now enjoying a renewed avocation in floral art designs.  Drawing upon her experience and design concepts from competitive flower show arrangements and flower creations for weddings, Angela is creating floral arts in watercolor, collage and mixed media.  Participating in oil painting workshops given by renowned artist Janette Jones, Angela was encouraged to pursue her passion for flowers in new creative artistic mediums.  Her abundant floral gardens are a continual source of inspiration in creating designs of bright color and detail.  She also creates dried floral wreaths, which she has done for over 15 years, utilizing flowers and ornamental herbs she grows in her garden. 

O-072  School-Daze by Angela Harmon  MM 12x12 $175

Although primarily self-taught and continually learning from published artists via books and DVD tutorials, Angela has been fortunate to learn fundamental design and value techniques from local fine artist Judie Cain.  She recently attended a painted papers collage class by fine artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire, a signature member of the National Collage Society, and an award-winning collage artist. 

Angela has exhibited her paintings at the Ironstone Spring Obsession show and gallery shows of the Calaveras County Arts Council.  She is a member of the Arts Council and has participated in their open studio tours. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Meet Artist Linda Lawrence

Linda Lawrence


Always artistic by nature, Linda was constantly drawing as a child, and enjoyed art classes throughout her school years in Soquel and Fresno, California. As an adult, her love of design was explored through photography, homemade cards, sketches and interior decorating. 

Linda and her husband, Ron moved to Murphys in 1992, for its inherent natural beauty and small-town lifestyle. As her children grew more independent, Linda was thrilled to begin taking classes through Columbia Junior College, and first studied with Hermione Rios.

O-119 Wildflowers on Electra Road- by Linda Lawrence  noil 14x18  $195

Linda paints primarily in water-based oils, which she finds to be user-friendly and a bit healthier overall.  Through the years, she has developed a playful, colorful style, and had enjoyed and appreciated the influence of instructors Diana Boyd, Susie Hoffman, Sunny Sorenson, Eva Walker, and Judy Cain through Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis. She has also taken workshops from Murphys renowned plein air artist Kathleen Dunphy, and Colley Whisson of Australia at Coastal Maine Art Workshops in Rockport, Maine.

O-117 -Three Amigos-by  Linda Lawrence  oil 16x20  $275

Linda often shows her work was at the Calaveras County Arts Council and was chosen to present a painting in their 2017 show, AnimalScapes. She was also invited to show at the Studio 11 Gallery in Oakland, California in 2018. This is her first time participating in Ironstone Winery’s Spring Obsession Competition.

Linda is thoroughly enjoying the process of becoming an artist, and the self-expression, freedom, and mindfulness it provides. She considers her fellow artists soulmates and true inspirational treasures.

Meet Artist Renee Rondon


O-057  Mountain-Path by Renee Rondon  oil 14x18 $320

Renée is a 4th generation (of 5) Californian.  She moved to Calaveras County 12 years ago.  Her pastimes include camping, hiking and gardening.  Her passion is painting. 
Most of her experience is in oils, but she also enjoys using acrylic, watercolor, and pastel.  She is mostly self-taught, but has gained experience and knowledge from many respected instructors including Ed Garcia, VaLoyce Jensen, Gereon Rios, Gill Delinger, George Durkee, Diana Boyd, Judy Cain, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Jim Toenjes, and Heinie Hartwig.
Renée enjoys the challenge of developing her paintings into a story that will touch someone’s heart, or remind them of something special that is part of their life.  Each painting is developed from a personal photo, sketch, travel, plein air painting, and even from her own backyard.      
Her art has won several awards, and her paintings have been in various galleries and venues including the Aloft Gallery, Calaveras Arts Council in San Andreas, Ironstone Winery, Lodi Community Art Center, Mistlin Gallery, Delicato Winery and Umpqua Bank.  

O-058  Jogger-on-Sonora-Path-by Renee Rondon  oil 14x18 $320
If you would like to contact Renée, please call (209)772-0287, or email her at