Monday, November 25, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving where ever you are from all of us here at Ironstone

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Call to Artists!

Entry Forms for Ironstone’s 23rd Annual Spring Art Show & Competition

Theme Division due Jan. 10, 2020

Open Division due Feb. 1, 2020
download from pages above or enter online at

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Antique Auction

 Here in Ironstone's Heritage Museum, we are often asked as to our source for some of the outstanding artifacts on display.  Well, now is your chance to find treasures for your own collections.

Holabird Americana has an auction coming up in a couple of days for all you antique collectors.  Fred Holabird has been an integral part of Ironstone's Heritage Museum collection working with owner, John Kautz recommending outstanding artifacts that have fit well in our collection.

Follow the link below to take a look at some of the wonderful items coming up for auction starting October 4. 

Two interesting pieces are the railroad lamp you see here along with a very unusual tin can which looks to be totally recycled with a different brand and product on the inside walls. 

Take a look for yourself and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Meet Artist Victor Marcelli Sat. 28th.

Meet Concourse Artist, Victor Marcelli . Victor will be painting on site this Saturday at the Ironstone Concourse d 'Elegance.

Victor Ottavio Marcelli, oil painter

Victor displayed artistic talent at a young age and it has served him well throughout his life, contributing to successful careers in illustration, graphic design and art direction as well as fine art.  Commercially, he has created award-winning art and design for diverse clientele and products, from supersonic aircraft to super burgers and finally medical products. As a fine art painter, Victor is devoted to capturing the mood and character of genre figure and landscape subjects in oil paint, preferably from life or on site en plein air. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from U.C.L.A. and resides in Santa Rosa, CA.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Meet n Greet! Pottery Artist June Vaughn

Saturday only!  Pottery Artist June Vaughn will be visiting Ironstone's Heritage Museum, Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019 from 11:00 - 3:00.

June will be demonstrating her carving into clay techniques and answering your questions.  Stop by Ironstone's Heritage Museum for a casual meet n greet with June.  See her newest designs

Vaughn Pottery

June Vaughn is a native of Sonora California who has recently relocated to Wisconsin. She has over 50 years of experience as a ceramic artist. June Vaughn’s unique style of pottery includes carving, tribal like painting and the addition of found objects such as stones, wood, shells and antler.  She and her late husband are emeritus members of the Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California.  Their work is also in the AMOCA permanent collection of ceramic art.  June is now a member of the Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council and is looking forward to starting a new direction in her work.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Meet Artist Anthony Pooler this Saturday!

Artist Anthony Pooler will be on site at Ironstone's Concourse d 'Elegance this Saturday. 

Anthony Pooler, Painter
I have painted all my life except for about fifty years when I decided to make a living. Art instruction at UC Berkeley and Cal State Hayward gave me the artistic fundamentals. Upon my retirement I rekindled my interest in creating images. I started with classic cars, but rather quickly expanded to landscapes, seascapes, and abstract works. During my time in the world of business I was lucky enough to have opportunities to travel (sometimes on business, sometimes for fun) but I always traveled with a sketchbook and a camera. My wife, Peni and I still travel, and I still collect material for my paintings. In addition, our valley and surroundings are rich with subject matter.

I usually paint in my studio because I have more tools at my disposal. But I find there is a singular joy in plein air painting.

I paint in a variety of media, watercolor, oil, acrylic, and “other”.

I paint to please myself. I find almost every painting evokes a moment, and an emotion associated with that moment. My hope is that you enjoy my work and share the joy of my moments.

Meet Artist Brad Stone this Saturday!

Meet Artist Brad Stone.  Brad will be painting on site this Saturday for the Concourse d ‘Elegance.  

Bradford L Stone​                                          ​

Valley Springs, California  (​​) (209) 581 2047

I always had an interest in Art and Painting I enjoy playing with light and color and capturing the beauty that life has to offer us. 

I studied at  Delta College  exploring the arts and ceramics.  I also minored in art at Sacramento State College learning about art and figure drawing, along with earning my degree, and my teacher’s credentials. 

 After college I explored my art interest under Susan Sarback at her School of light and Color.

 As I am retired now from teaching High School my goal is to become a Master Artist. 

My achievements in art, going back to winning The Bank America Pop Art in High School. Calaveras County Fair (Best of Show and first in fine art) 2017.  Participated in California State Fair Expo Plein Air exhibit. Not wining, but selling my painting that day. Also, participated in the Plein Air painting with Concourse D 'Elegance Car Show.  Participated in Ironstone Winery Fine Arts Obsession art competition.  Also, Ironstone Vineyard 21​st​ Annual Spring Obsession Art Show and recognize in their Family Merit Award. Over the years selling some of my pieces, hoping they bring joy in their homes​.  

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Meet Artist Linda Abbott. Linda will be painting on location here at Ironstone, Sat. Sept. 28 for the Concourse d ‘Elegance.

Exhibition Resume Linda R. Abbott


Local Color (group show), The Ansel Adams Gallery – Yosemite, April


Yosemite Renaissance XVI, national, juried

Spring Obsession 2001, Ironstone Winery, juried,

California Art Club Fall Exhibition, Women's Club of Pasadena, juried

 Arts For The Parks Top 100, national, juried, Jackson Hole, WY


Spring Obsession 2002, Ironstone Winery, juried, Juror's Award

Yosemite Renaissance XVII, national, Honorable Mention, cash award

Carmel Art Festival, national, juried

Cal Expo, Sacramento CA, juried, award

Sonoma Plein Aire 2002, juried participant,

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, group exhibition

American Impressionist Society, 4th Annual National Exhibit, award


Mountainscapes, California Art Club, Pasadena Women's Club, juried

Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA, juried, award

Plein Air Bienniel for Northern California, Napa, CA, juried


Oil Painters of America, Western Region, juried, Portland, OR

Yosemite Renaissance, XIX, national, juried

California Art Club exhibition, juried, Pasadena Women's Club


American Impressionist Society, National Exhibit, Taos, NM

Northern Views-Plein Air Biennial for Northern California, Napa, CA, juried

Yosemite Renaissance XX, national, juried


Glacier National Park with the Montana Painters Alliance, invited artist, Hockaday Museum of Art, Kalispell, MT

Oil Painters of America, Western Regional, juried, Lee Youngman Gallery, Calistoga, CA


Oil Painters of America, national exhibition, juried, Fredricksburg, TX

Northern Views Plein Air, Napa Valley, CA

American Women Artists,  national, juried


Yosemite Renaissance, XXIII, national, juried

Solo Exhibit, Gallatin River Gallery, Big Sky, MT


Spring Obsession, Ironstone Winery, juried, Murphys, CA

Northern Views Plein Air Biennial, juried, Napa, CA

Carmel Arts Festival, national, juried

Capital Plein Air, Sacramento, Grand Prize


Carmel Arts Festival, national, juried

Cal Expo Plein Air, juried


Stockton Art League Exhibition, national, juried

Chartreuse Muse Gallery, Modesto, CA, 2-person exhibit

Bozeman (MT) Discovery Map, first place/cover


Celebrating Agriculture With Art, Madera County, CA, national, juried, second place award,

Honorable Mention

Carmel Arts Festival, national, juried

Solo Exhibition, Merced County Arts Center, “Merced in Plein Air


Pacific Art League, juried, Palo Alto, CA

Celebrating Agriculture with Art, Madera County, CA, national, juried, first prize

Bozeman (MT) Discovery Map, cover

Sierra Art Trails, Mariposa, CA


First Street Gallery/Turlock, 2-person exhibit

Carmel Arts Festival, national, juried

Celebrating Agriculture with Art, Madera County, CA, juried, Honorable Mention

KVIE (Sacramento, CA) Art Auction, Juror's Award

Sierra Art Trails, Mariposa, CA


Solo Exhibit, Gallatin River Gallery, Big Sky, MT, “Landscape Interpretations”

Celebrating Agriculture with Art, Madera Co, CA, juried, First Place, Second Place

Childhood Memories” Carnegie Arts Center, Turlock, CA, juried


Yosemite Rennaisance 32, juried, national, Honorable Mention

Central California Art Showcase, juried

Celebrating Agriculture with Art, Madera County, juried, Honorable Mention (2)

KVIE (Sacramento, CA) Art Auction, juried

Mendocino Outdoor Paint Out (MOPO), cash award


            Spring Obsession, Ironstone Winery, juried

            Farm and Fields, group exhibition, Carnegie Arts Center, Turlock

            Stockton Art League 60th Exhibition, national, juried, Honorable Mention, Cash Award

            Central California Art Showcase, juried, Honorable Mention, Cash Award

            Celebrating Agriculture With Art, Madera County, juried

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Artist John Finger on site Sept. 28

Artist John Finger will be painting on site at the Ironstone Concourse d 'Elegance on Saturday, September 28th.  

“There is so much to see and interpret.
Each time the light changes, so does the world.”

San Francisco Bay Area artist John Finger grew up in Lafayette, CA and graduated from the California College of the Arts in Oakland in 1977. 

John is best known for his watercolor and oil paintings, both en plein air and studio works. When John is not out painting, he can be found working in his Walnut Creek studio. Although John is best known for his California landscapes, his painting subjects include the figure, animals, and anything else that inspires him. His work is becoming more and more sought after as collectors are adding his work to their collections.

John taught painting workshops at the Mendocino Art Center for many years and watercolor at Walnut Creek Civic Arts since 1990 and plein air painting through Orinda Recreation. He has also taught design and illustration classes at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill and at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He was president of the California Watercolor Society and on the board of the San Francisco Society of Illustrators. He was an artist in the United States Air Force Art program.

He is an avid runner, photographer and reader. His work can be seen in galleries around California and on his studio paintings website is

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

In Coming! Grapes that is....

Ironstone's first grapes coming in!  This year Ironstone has brought the mechanical harvester up from Lodi to have some fun in the foothills.  Caught between fields, this bright yellow monster can harvest cleaner and faster than the old hand picking style.

Today the Muscat came in off the vines, tomorrow comes the Verdello.  Stay tuned for more photos as they come in.

There is actually a great video on youtube by BioNetwork's NC Community Colleges on how the picker actually works. See the link below:

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ceramic Artist June Vaughn Meet 'n Greet Demo

Mark your calendars!  Ironstone is excited to announce that Saturday, September 28th. Ceramic Artist June Vaughn will be on site!  From 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, June will be in Ironstone's Heritage Museum for carving demonstration along with Meet n' Greet.

Internationally known Vaughn Pottery has had the distinction of representing American Ceramic Artists at the International Ceramic Exhibition for many years. Known for their distinctive hand thrown vases intricately carved and decorated by June Vaughn, Vaughn Pottery draws collectors from around the world to Ironstone's Heritage Museum.  Here, they have found their one of a kind Vaughn masterpieces from our outstanding collection. 

June Vaughn will be collaborating with Murphys own Quyle Kilns, demonstrating her carving & decorating techniques on a vase provided by Quyle Kilns.   Do make a point to stop in to visit with June that Saturday. 

Monday, August 5, 2019

New Trio joins the Heritage Museum team

Meet Fu Lu Shou, our new trio joining us in the Heritage Museum.

Fu Lu Shou - The Three Star Gods represent happiness & Prosperity, status and authority, and health and longevity. The Chinese term is San Xing. San means three in Chinese and Xing means star.  They are referred to collectively as Fu Lu Shou.

If you are into Feng Shui, these three are considered lucky symbols.

Shou, often called the "Old man of the South Pole", is the star god of longevity. Images of Shou Xing are often found in birthday cards as it is said he has the power to fix the date of every person's death.  I guess that equates to a long and happy life?

Shou Zing
Next in line is Lu Zing. Lu is dedicated to the sixth star of the Wen Chang cluster, in the West known as Urs Majoris. To receive Lu is to receive wealth and Social status.  It is said Lu Xing might originally have been the Prince of Fen-yang Wang, a most honored General. He died in 781 AD at the age of 84.  (in this photo he has forgotten to put on the wings of his headdress. They are very impressive)

Last but not least, if Fu Xing.  The star of Fu is dedicated to Jupiter which is considered very auspicious. Fu has proven to bring happiness, prosperity and good luck to those who need it the most.

This ceramic deities are 36" tall. As legend states they must be in proper order and at eye level. One should never look down on them. So, here they are, looking you in the eye making promises we hope they keep!

They are actually extremely detailed and stunning to look at.  Two of the Xing's carry children that have very distinctive features.  Even if you are not into Feng Shue, you would find these interesting to observe.  Stop on by and have a look. 
They are also available for purchase should you need all the happiness, wealth and longevity they are proposed to offer.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Calaveras Transet Concert Service

Calaveras Connect just announced a new service for Ironstone Vineyard's Concert goers.  For the following concerts, July 20, July 27, August 24, August 31, Sept. 7 & Sept. 14, Calaveras Saturday Shuttle will be adding a 10:00 pm - Midnight shuttle service from Ironstone to downtown Murphys, Angels Camp and Arnold.  There will be two busses dedicated to this evening route with exact departure and arrival times depending of traffic conditions.

Great opportunity to jump on the shuttle and head out to Ironstone for a wonderful musical evening where you can relax knowing you have a ride back to your car.  Angels Camp pickup points are Raspberry Lane, Historic Downtown, Bret Harte High School, Travelodge and WorldMark.  Pickup points in Murphys is the Black Bart Playhouse and of course, Ironstone Vineyards. Arnold pickup is at the Big Trees Market.

Check out more details like fares and special pricing at the link below.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Ironstone Gold in Quartz and Natural Nugget Jewelry now for sale online!

You may now check out Ironstone's excellent line of Gold in Quartz and Natural Nugget jewelry directly from our website.

Ironstone is proud to have been working with Orocal for the past 20 years.  Their stunning designs have been a hallmark for Ironstone's best selling line of Jewelry.  Unique in design and one of Mother Nature's most elegant creations, Gold in Quartz jewelry is an heirloom worth investing in.

Check out the line now...  shopping!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

First Fridays in Murphys Back for the Summer!

First Fridays in the Park 2019
Starts this Friday, June 6 at 5:30 pm

Brian Jirka and the Cabby Band will blend their stylish creations of pop, rock and soul into a unique experience for the whole family when they kick off the Murphys Community Club’s popular First Fridays in the Park series on Friday, June 7, 5:30 pm.

From June to September, First Fridays in the Park will feature performances by a variety of musical groups playing in the familiar gazebo starting at 5:30 p.m.  Friends and neighbors are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy a small town America gathering in the cool confines of Murphys Community Park.  The park’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) license prohibits the bringing of wine or liquor into the park but wine and beer will be available to purchase with the proceeds going to the Murphys Community Club. . Each event will have a community sponsor. Murphys Pour House and Murphys Irish Pub are the June sponsors. 

Beginning at 4 p.m. music lovers can purchase food from two food trucks. Lorenzo Neto and his Food Shack sells hamburgers, burritos, salads and more. Mary’s Taco Truck offers a variety of Latin favorites. There will be a featured local wine, beer and other beverages for sale at “The Hut”.  All proceeds will go to maintaining and improving the park.

There is no admission charge and ample free parking is available nearby. Donations to help maintain the park are always gratefully received.

The featured bands for the rest of the First Fridays series are:  July 5, Two Hoots and a Holler; August 2, The Iconics; September 6, Leilani and the Distractions.

The park will also be the site for the Calaveras Arts Council’s Wednesday, August 7 Music in the Parks performance featuring Cantamos, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Murphys Community Park is located on Algiers St. in historic downtown Murphys.  Membership in the Murphys Community Club is open to everyone and contributions are tax deductible.  For further information, call 209-728-8093.

MBA, P.O. Box 2034, Murphys, CA 95247 -

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Free Appraisal Clinic

June 29th & 30th

Saturday & Sunday


Heritage Room
at Ironstone Vineyards

1894 Six Mile Road, Murphys, CA 95247

Bring your antique and cherished collectibles!
Several Specialists will be onsite to assist you

Also Accepting items for consignment

Monday, May 6, 2019

Free Appraisal Clinic! Save the date

June 29 & 30
Saturday & Sunday
Heritage Room
Ironstone Vineyards
1894 Six Mile Road, Murphys, CA 95247
FEATURING · Coin & Currency ·Gold Specimens · Native American Jewely & Baskets · Railroad ·Cowboy Stuff & Lawman Badges · Historical Docs · Guns  · Western Art· Postal History  · and More ·
All Ages Event
Advance Reservations
Recommended for very large collections
At the Door
Bring in your old stuff and prize items for FREE Appraisal by one of American’s foremost specialist in early Americana, Holabird Americana
Holabird Americana & Ironstone Vineyards

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Special "Mentoring Moments" from Allen Haas

This is a special note from Daffodil Grower, Allen Haas.  Read on and join the fun! Be ready for next year's spectacular daffodil show.

A P R I L   2 0 1 9
"Mentoring Moments"
Allen Haas

The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to encourage daffodil growers in the American Daffodil Society.  The primary reference is the ADS "The Daffodil PrimerZone 3-7" (TDP).  Zone specific copies are mailed to all new members. Additional copies may be obtained thru the web store on

Each newsletter stands alone and only focuses on each month's suggested activities.  Even though I'm writing from my personal perspective, I grow in zone 7a in the mountains of western North Carolina at around 2200 feet; I hope readers can take something from each newsletter.

In addition, growers are highly encouraged to reach out to their local societies and ADS Regional Vice Presidents and Directors for additional mentoring and growing advice. A current list of ADS Regions, local societies, and Regional Vice Presidents' e-mail addresses can be found at:

Good luck and happy growing!

Allen Haas
Chairman, Membership Committee

What to do now?

1.  Change is inevitable.  Really?

2.  Identify your daffodils

3.  Fertilize or not

1.  Change is inevitable.  Really?

When I left on April 4th to audit Judges’ School 1 and attend both the Gloucester and Alexandria, VA daffodil shows, my daffodil blooms were in pretty good shape. When I returned home 11 days later, I found lots of flattened foliage, but hardly any blooms.  My weather app alerts of “hail, tornado-level winds and heavy rains” (6.5 cumulative inches) were all sadly true.  Some of my late planted daffodils may still bloom, but my show season is basically over.  Yet, daffodils are tough and mine are no exception.  While repairing some erosion problem areas, I’m happy to report my strategy of mulching and interplanting my daffodils among emerging daylilies has worked out just fine.  Most of my gardens are on hillsides or in raised beds which help to minimize drainage problems.  Yes, change is inevitable, so I’m already planning on dividing and moving a number of my daffodils to more eye-pleasing positions in my gardens.

2.  Identify your daffodils

Why take the time to identify your daffodils?  Sure, you can just plant and enjoy your daffodil blooms, but you probably joined the ADS because you wanted to learn more about daffodils.  A simple “name” unlocks a plethora of information about your daffodils especially on  When you discuss your favorite blooms with fellow growers, it’s also more rewarding to discuss specific varieties rather than a general description. I recently found a gorgeous little two-bloom white and pink variety in one of my gardens, but had no idea what it was.  Fortunately, I took a couple of stems to the Gloucester show and showed them to Brent Heath of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs.  His eyes lit up and he said, “Oh yes, that’s one we hybridized and it’s called Sweet Smiles!”  I encourage you to go to and see all that I discovered about this little jewel. Knowing its name also allowed me to enter the bloom in the Gloucester show because as my judging school instructors emphasized, “unknown or misidentified blooms will not be judged.”  Another excellent source in your identification efforts is your daffodil mentor.  I encourage you to reach out to them.

3.  Fertilize or not

My thoughts on this subject have generated the most response of anything I’ve discussed so far.  Yes, we gardeners definitely have strong opinions and most aren’t bashful about voicing them.  All I can do is write confidently about what works for me.  At this time, in my garden, I only plan to apply a foliar feed which will quickly be taken up by the still actively growing plants.

Still, I did ask a commercial landscaper and a visiting Dutch bulb grower about their fertilizing strategies.  Both said they apply a good 3 to 4-month time-release bulb fertilizer when the leaves first start breaking ground, which for them is usually in mid or late winter.  The time-release fertilizers I’m familiar with break down over time, based on temperature.  The warmer it is the quicker they will release their nutrients.  Time-release fertilizers are generally more expensive than regular formulated fertilizers, but their main advantages are that they lessen the chance of burning a plant with too much fertilizer all at once and they only need to be applied once vice 2-3 times over the same timeframe.

In the end, we all have to figure out what works best for us.  One of the joys of gardening is learning about new techniques and then seeing if they work for you.

Lastly of note, my daffodil mentor e-mailed me that they probably need to update the Georgia DS “Annual Calendar of Care” advice in fertilizing early-date hybridized historicsand species daffodils!  “We need to indicate one fertilizes sparingly….and if the soil is rich and a heavy leaf litter maintained, then fertilizing is really not needed.”

Good luck and see you next month!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Maggie entertaining our guests

Another fun day for Maggie!  Entertaining her new friends. Thank goodness for Spring Break!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Northern California Daffodil Society Spring Show at Ironstone

Today marks the final day of the Northern California Daffodil Society Spring Daffodil Show at Ironstone Vineyards.  It always truly amazes me the variety of daffodils that grace this exhibit.  Below are just a few photos, as it is a show you must see in person.  If you haven't visited this free exhibit in the past, mark your calendars for the 2020 show, the second weekend of March.

Now, for my favorite section, the miniatures.  These are fascinating blooms no larger than a fingernail.  And even more amazing are Bob Spotts GREEN Daffodils!  Years in the making, Master of Daffodils, Bob Spotts has created a truly green daffodil.

The Calaveras Garden Club brought in a few arrangements highlighting daffodils.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Saturday Dedication and Openin


Some exciting historical events are happening Saturday, March 9th in downtown Murphys. On the corner of Main Street and Big Trees Road (across from the red barn at the 4 way stop) The Malspina-Davies building was originally constructed in 1898 and the Native Sons will be officially dedicating it as a local historical landmark.  Recognition and celebration will 2be taking place at the historical property, currently the office of RE/MAX Gold and will be opening day for the brand new The Art Studio, hosted by local artist Judie Cain. 

Judie Cain is taking over the rear portion of the building (behind and between RE/MAX Gold and Robs Diner) as her working studio, classroom and show space.  It will be open by appointment and periodic special events only, such as classes and shows. Saturday will be a preview of things to come for Judie, with her first guest artist, Sarah Evans, as her show companion for this two-day event.

Several years ago Judie Cain had an art gallery in Forest Meadows (The Art Gallery) and well known artist, Sarah Evans had been one of her top selling artists.  So selecting longtime friend and fellow artist, Sarah Evans, as her first guest artist is a natural and a privilege.  Sarah has an impressive scholastic and professional career in the arts and in fine art and is highly collected.  She is represented locally by the Art On Main Gallery, in Murphys.

At Judies former Cain Art Studio in Forest Meadows she taught oil painting fundamentals and color demystified” classes and at various other venues.  She has been represented in galleries and has taught in the three western states.  She is represented by Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis, where she also has taught, and by Image Connection Agency, in Stockton. The larger studio space will allow Judie to hold classes and shows, as well as create.

Please join us for this impressive historical and arts event.  Tours of the historic building and book signing by Maureen Elliott, of her new book, They Walked The Streets of Murphys Camp, will begin at noon. The Native Sons impressive dedication ceremony begins at 1 p.m.  Everyone is welcome to this special event.

The Art Studio will open at 11 to 4 Saturday, Come meet artists Sarah Evans and Judie Cain and view their original artwork.  Intended hours for Sunday are noon to 4,

To contact Judie Cain about private lessons and to view her artwork at The Art Studio” at 209-728-2267 or 209-559-3345.

Gently In To Fall  by Judie Cain

Note:  Image by Sarah Evans unavailable at this time

Monday, March 4, 2019

Voices of Wisdom, FREE Workshop presented by Conrad Levasseur

Ironstone's own Conrad Levasseur will be the guest presenter at a free workshop in Creative Journaling. We are very proud of Conrad and hope you can join him!

VOICES OF WISDOM – GUEST PRESENTER CONRAD LEVASSEUR - Tuesday March 5, from 1-3 PM at Manzanita!

Conrad Levasseur, poet and writer, as well as Director of Community Relations and Development at Ironstone Vineyards, will be presenting a free workshop in Creative Journaling at the Tuesday, March 5, at the Voices of Wisdom free writing classes for seniors session from 1-3 pm. 

Location: Manzanita Arts Emporium in Angels Camp. The two-hour session will focus on opening channels of creativity, using art and the written word to stimulate personal ways to express artistic desire. Keeping a multimedia journal can be used to record emotions, memories, creative ideas—as well as trigger hidden images and language repressed by our busy lifestyle and workaday world. Conrad Levasseur has developed a method that will pique interest in one’s own artistic talents and may assist the writer, artist, or anyone interested in expanding their artistic desires, to experiment with images and language.

Journal writing, poetry and art have been important mediums for Conrad in helping to balance his outer explorations with his more inner ones. He has taught workshops in multi-dimensional journal writing, using these elements and others as a therapeutic way to put one’s business, or academic life, into a greater creative perspective. He has published seven books of poetry, and is currently working on several manuscripts and a complete collection of his poetry. He and his wife, Margaret, moved with their three children from San Francisco to Calaveras County in 1981. 

Conrad Levasseur has conducted groups through over a hundred and twenty countries in Africa, asia, Central and South America, the South Pacific, Indian Ocean and Europe. For sixteen years, he was West Coast Regional Sales Manager for Travcoa (Travel Corporation of America), designing and implementing global travel presentations around the United States. He directed Lodestar International Student Center’s summer program in Calaveras County for UC Berkeley’s International House. In the 1970s, Conrad was a wild River Rafting and Wilderness Guide for ARTA (American River touring Association) in California, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. He directed an environmental Speakers Program for the San Francisco Ecology Center and conducted walking tours of the city. His work at Ironstone Vineyards as Director of Community Relations & Development for over 16 years continues his interest in sharing information about our community to visitors from all over the country and world.

Call Monika to let her know you are coming to this hands-on workshop as space is limited to 25. Participants are asked to bring printed photos that are memorable to them, old magazines of a topical nature, cut out newspaper headlines or other printed material , journals, their own writing in print, scissors, a glue stick, and any other media they would like to utilize and/or share at their table. Space limited to 25 participants. 

MUST RSVP! Thanks! 


Manzanita Arts Emporium                    
Home of Manzanita Writers Press