Thursday, January 28, 2016

Meet Ironstone's Spring Obsession Theme Division accepted artist, Kathleen Wolf


Unknown said...

We have a friend who has 4 canvases signed by Kathleen Wolf
2 smaller ones dated 2010 & 2012
Plus 2 large ones, approximately 3x3 not dated. Hes is ill and going into assisted living. Can you direct me to someone so we can have these appraised? I'm in Sacramento, the pieced are in Reno. Great work, and I appreciate your time and consideration.
Pam Simcox

Unknown said...

We have 4 canvases of what I believe are Kathleen Wolf's work.
I need assistance getting appraisals, can you direct me?

Ironstone Museum said...

Hi Pam,

You may contact Kathleen direct. Below is her most recent email address. Do hope you find what you need. You may also contact us direct if you have additional questions.