Monday, February 12, 2018

Meet Artist Roy T. Ishii, Ironstone's Spring Obsession Art Show

Roy T. Ishii, MD
O-042  Old Railroad Bridge  by Roy Ishii  wc 14x20 $450
       Honolulu, Hawaii was the birth place for Roy in March of 1942. The United States had just entered WWII a few months earlier with the attack on Pearl Harbor, and it was an anxious time for all the Japanese-Americans in the islands. His father, Cyrus, an employee of the US Navy at Pearl Harbor had suffered a severe head injury while working on the clean up crews after the attack and was hospitalized for weeks. His neurosurgeon did not think he would survive but he did. Mother Bessie was left pretty much on her own to cope with her husband's injury and raise two children.

O-043 legion park by Roy Ishii  wc 14x20 $450
     As a young boy, Roy enjoyed studying the sciences but also loved to draw. As time passed, the sciences took precedence and Roy became a pre-med student at Purdue University. he then went on to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco and graduated in 1968. Following internship at Los Angeles County hospital and pediatric residency at Harbor General Hospital in Torrance, California, Roy served 2 years in the US Air Force at Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi which was one of 7 regional Air Force medical centers. There, he met and married his wife Gayle.

O-044  Tree of Life by Roy Ishii  wc 14x19 $450

     Upon discharge from the military , Roy and Gayle moved to Lodi, California where he practiced general pediatrics for 37 years, and together they raised 2 daughters, Nicole and Andrea.
     Roy retired from medical practice in 2010 and finally had time enough to take up watercolor painting. He is indebted to his art instructors, Deanna Hunt, associate professor at UOP, Jeanne Jannsen and Andrea Morris for teaching him the basic technical skills of watercolor painting and the encouragement they provided along the way. He is pleased to be able to display some of his work at the Ironstone Spring Art Show.

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