Friday, March 11, 2016

Meet Artist Anne Graham, Spring Obsession Accepted artist

Sarah Anne Graham – Artist Bio

O-066  Wine Flower  18x22  Lino single $150

Sarah Anne Graham lives in California.  After a few years

traveling around the United States and abroad; from Virginia, 

Georgia, Oregon (a brief time in New Zealand), 


and Idaho to her current residence in California, she is 

working on oil paintings of the landscape of the Sierra 

Nevada foothills, as well as continuing her printmaking work 

on wood and linoblock transfers on maps.

Graham’s paintings are mostly representational depictions of 

the natural world, with the occasional object inserted, used

to symbolize loss and arrested development. The surreal 

quality of these paintings illicit ambiguity and are meant to 

provoke further investigation.

Her prints are abstracted landscapes, and nature themed.  

The woodblock transfers onto maps remind the viewer of the 

role of conservation, management and the nomenclature of 

science to classify and collect info on the natural world.

Her works have been shown in one-person and group 

exhibitions in the US, as well as New Zealand. Graham 

studied at the Atlanta College of Art, and received her BFA 

from Oregon State University in 2003 in painting and 


O-064  Purple Flower  24x58  Lino single  $300
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