Monday, March 28, 2016

Meet Artist Cheryl Smith, Spring Obsession accepted artist

Hello, my name is Cheryl Smith and I want to share my art experiences with you.

O-090   Tulip in the Rain  acrylic  18x24  $425

I began drawing at age seven, and was accused of tracing my drawings as they were so realistic. My mother realized my talent and from that young age encouraged me in every way, giving me the confidence, strength, and endurance to persevere and never give up doing what I loved the most. That is my Art; it is my passion in life!

I have had a myriad of art occupations during the past thirty-five years and have loved every one of them. I was a Graphic Artist for several newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Senior Graphic Designer for an Ad Agency, Art Director for the Penninsula Advisor, and Art teacher for Jr. and Senior High School students. I have also illustrated a children's book.

I was commissioned by Running Fence-recycled to create artworks from the historic textile panels of Christo's Running Fence, Marin and Sonoma counties, 1976. My pieces made from the panel fabric have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and can be viewed on

I am currently engaged in Fine Arts, doing paintings, custom table designs, crafts, and mixed media pieces using fabric and paint. Being chosen for the 19th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show is a blessing to me. 

I do hope you enjoy my work and will support me in the future. My goal is to create more paintings in 3-D using different and unique medium and designs and to create more colorful and imaginative tables. Thank you for coming to see my work.

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