Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Meet Artist Misty Dawn, Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-154  Joe Rocket  graphite 14x17 $550
Misty Dawn Whittle, 

Equine Artist

About myself:
Originally from Angels Camp, I now reside in Placer County with my husband and son. Last year I made a big life change and retired, after 27 years, from a wonderful career as a hairstylist. For multiple reasons, but primarily, to help my husband in his new business ventures, but also to re-ignite a passion I have had all my life, self-taught drawing. I am lucky to have married into a multi-generation cattle ranching family from Angels Camp, that has given me the an outlet to pursue my other passion of photography. From those priceless shots of cowboys in action, I am able to capture and translate those images to graphite artwork.
I have been around horses all my life, and the depths of their beauty are beyond the majestic physique, but their spirit. I am in awe of each one I meet. Our own horses are a great source of inspiration as well. and I am sure they are very tired of getting their pictures taken. I've recently met some fantastic professional photographers who allow me to use their images as well. It's amazing the talent that surrounds us.
I take much pride in specializing in exact detail, albeit, very time consuming, but equally gratifying. I am now being asked to do commission work of equine, pets and people, and I love, love seeing the reaction on people's faces when they see their beloveds immortalized in a piece of art. It gives me great pleasure.

Thank you for viewing!
                              ~Misty Dawn

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