Monday, February 18, 2019

Meet Artist Michelle Thornburg

Michelle Thornburg

Artist's Statement

My style of creating artwork is painting from the subconscious. There are no carefully planned sketches, no grids, and no paint brushes. It’s just me and my paint with no expectations of anything but painting. I use my hands to apply the paint directly onto my canvas, no rules, just whatever feels right. The key for me is to let go of the conscious world around me, and just paint, allowing my hands to take the lead. Eventually, the lines, drips, and shapes reveal themselves, and a picture begins to emerge, it’s like day dreaming on a canvas.

O-037 Emerald-Earth-by Michelle Thornburg  acrylic  24x36  $850

Artist's Biography

Michelle Thornburg is a California Artist and Art Teacher living and working in Lodi, CA. She creates dream like paintings from her subconscious using the Surrealist technique of automatism, or automatic painting. Her technique of using mainly her hands to apply acrylic or oil paints to the canvas allow her to connect with her artwork. Her paintings are created by applying paints onto the canvas in various colors, patterns, and movements. These colorful and expressive paintings are often reworked and go through many changes before they are completed. 
O-041 Earth and Ocean by Michelle Thornburg  acrylic  40x30  $800

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