Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet Artist Libby Fife, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division Artist

Libby Fife - Fine Art

O-061  Hillside Path  by Libby Fife  acrylic  10x10  $125
Artist's Statement:  

Thank you for taking the time to view my work.  Getting to know an artist and learning about them and their work is an important component to enjoying the art that they make.

I am a transplanted Bay Area native, living and working in the beautiful foothills of California gold country. The experience of growing up in the East Bay, attending school there, and subsequently working in that environment for many years was a very positive experience. My husband and I decided on a change though and moved to Valley Spring in the summer of 2010.  I still maintain my ties and identity with the Bay Area but have enjoyed incorporating my new life here into my current artwork.

When asked why I make my art, what drives it, the response is always the same: I am interested, plain and simple. The landscape and history of the buildings where I live is compelling to me. Frequent walks at our local lake, trips to other areas in the county, and a general reverence for the natural and built world surrounding us help to give a scaffolding of sorts to my work.  Within those structures of trees, hills, and buildings there is a simplicity and stillness to the world. That stillness is calming in this age where everything seems very noisy and fast paced.  My paintings reflect this simplicity and designs that are uncomplicated yet still interesting to the eye.  Places and objects are reduced to an elemental image yet are still familiar and recognizable to the viewer.  It is with extreme gratitude that I live in such a wonderful place.  I love the peace and quiet that can be experienced here in a small, rural community. With all of the visual noise and complications, my paintings are a welcome respite from clutter, detail, and the clamor of everyday life.

Please note my website and email address listed above. I love to hear comments and to answer questions so please feel free to contact me.  My CV is available upon request.


Anne said...

I'm the proud owner of this wonderful painting. The stillness and calm is what i love about this painting. I can just stare at it and it frees my mind.

Ironstone Museum said...

Congratulations! Such a sweet piece, one of my favorites. It stopped everyone that passed it. Just draws you in and makes you want to stay...