Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This Saturday Ironstone is proud to be host for the annual Concours d'Elegance. Fundraising for the California 4H and FFA scholarship programs, this event has evolved into one of the United States #1 Classic Auto Shows.  With over 300 vehicles gracing the impecable lawns of Ironstone Vineyards, it is a site to behold. 

Quoting the foundation website, 

Honored vehicle marques vary but this year include BMW, Corvette, Studebaker, Packard, Duesenberg, Pierce-Arrow, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Special classes spotlight early Fords, streamlined cars, sports cars, exotics, race cars, coachbuilt luxury marques, plus unrestored and original automobiles. " 

Joining the festivities this year is celebrity, Wayne Carini of "Chasing Classic Cars".  Wayne will be on site all day Saturday. 

My favorite part of Concours are the many tallented artists painting on site for the day.  This year, Charles Pyle, Director of the Illustration Department of the Academy of Art University of San Francisco will be amoung the artists along with several of his painting buddies.  Charles has graced Ironstone's Spring Obsession event many years as judge for the Open Division Art Show & Competition.

If you would like more information on the event itself, here is the link to their website.  


See you Saturday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Last comments on Pokemon

This is my final word on the Pokemon.  Yes, it is fun to wander around town with my friends and play. I have learned something new about my home town that I didn't know before and met some new people who also play.  I will probably leave the game on my phone and play if I am out of town or in town walking, just to learn a bit more about where I am visiting.  I have also learned not to pay any attention to any of the pokemon advice you find on the internet.  Each person has to play their own game. (ie: the expert that said not to go into battle until you reach level 20, failed to mention by doing that, you fill your bag up with so many potions that there is no room for pokeballs!)

Anyway, enjoy the game, be careful and see you here at Ironstone when you come to take over one of the three towers here.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bad Company coming

Bad Company is coming in on Sunday night along with Lou Gramm and The Voice of Foreigner.  Great concert for a holiday weekend.  Get your tickets at Ticket master only!  Best price you will find.

Weather is looking prefect for this one, nice cool evenings.  Great for Popcorn!  If you are here Sunday night, stop by the popcorn booth and say hello.  

Pokemon Part Two

The Great Adventure begins!  First step is to download PokemonGo to my phone. It's a free app and quickly moved me through the customization of my game personality, sex, hair color, eye color and a few selections of outfit colors.  Pretty basic options, nothing exciting there, and here I was ready for a magenta spike cut with a turquoise cape to charge right out on my new and educational adventure. Not happening here, maybe later?

Capturing Pokemon and checking out stops has been fun while on my walks in the mornings.  Actually learned a few things about the town I live in that I didn't know. The Pokestops normally are historic locations, public areas, plaques and such. The app gives you a nice description and history of the stop that you can read while spinning the photo for items you will need to continue the game.  

Leveling through to level 10 is fairly easy and quick. Then, I went on line and read all the "advice" posts on how to play... I don't need to go into all that here. Take my advice, there is a ton of information on this game on line. Lots of opinions on how to play a better game and earn more rankings, win at the battle towers ... 

The advice I found most useful,  between levels 10 and 20, just take your time, capture pokemon and enjoy the walks and pokestops.  This I can do.  Since I can't get out all that often as I live away from pokemon hot spots, I need to make an effort to get there and take walks around town. I've been walking more and meeting great people out there.

I have discovered you can fill your "bag" with so much stuff, you won't have room for the pokeballs that you need to capture the pokemon. I had to do some battles to use up the revive potions and wound potions to make more room... there is a limit on how much stuff you can have in your item bag.  Doing battle at this stage is a loosing proposition as none of my Pokemon are strong enough to win... just to lose and empty my "bag" of potions healing my failed pokemon.  Oh well, at least I am enjoying the walks and learning more about my community... 

I will touch back on this when I reach level 20 ... later