Sunday, February 7, 2016

Meet Artist Connie Bowen, Ironstone Spring Obsession Theme Division accepted Artist

T-025 Daffo-Dilly  wc 17x21  $300
Connie Bowen

I have always loved art and photography and have experimented 
with both over the years. I have been taking watercolor classes
from Popi Tyler for a few years. She is an excellent and patient
teacher.  She continues to teach me how to see. I love the
process of creating with watercolor. I feel everything else
slip away except being in the moment of that creation,
which keeps me coming back to this beautiful medium.
I live in Forestville, CA with my two dogs and a cat, 
who sometimes become my muses.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Meet Artist Janice Freischlag, Spring Art Theme Division accepted artist

Janice Freischlag:  A Biography

Janice began her fascination with art in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1989.  She began with German folk art painting, Bauernmalerei.  After five years in Germany, she returned to the U.S. and began to broaden her painting skills.  On returning, Janice and her husband moved to Lake Tahoe where she was fortunate enough to befriend Lola Owen, her mentor and owner of Lakeside Gallery.  At Lake Tahoe, where she became more accomplished, she began painting in oils.  To her surprise she started to get commissions for pet portraits and more.  She is accomplished in a wide range of subjects as well as most painting mediums, i.e. acrylic, water, gouache and oil.

Janice and her husband now reside in Ione, California, at Lake Camanche, with a parrot and four cats.  She has a very productive berry and vegetable garden, apple trees planted from seed, is an orchid enthusiast, gourmet cook and paints whenever possible.  

Meet Artist Carol Leonti, Spring Obsession Theme Division Artist

Bio - Carol Leonti
2515 Fulton Place
Santa Rosa, Ca. 95401

T-024  My Mother's Garden wc 30x24  $600

I have been painting for pleasure for over 15 years, continuously learning in workshops with well known transparent watercolor painters: Tony Couch, Dale Laitenen, Ken Hosmer, and more.  My most important teachers were Carl Miller, AWS, with whom I painted for many years, and my current mentor, Popi Tyler, who encourages me and coaches me on all aspects of my work.  I love transparent watercolor because of it’s challenges and its broad ability to express feeling for the subject.

My work has been shown at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, the Watercolor Society of Sonoma County annual exhibit, at Ironstone Winery, and at the Russian Hill Winery. I currently participate in an exhibit at Empire College in Santa Rosa.

My technical skills and ability to paint expressively have steadily grown over the years.  I plan to never stop painting.

Meet Artist Andrea Morris, Spring Obsession Theme Division artist

Andrea Morris 

was born in Karlsrhue Germany and spent much of her younger years in Montana and Arizona.  She was exposed to art from an early age as her Mother was an artist and taught painting classes in their home.
She developed a love of wildlife and people and spent much of her time drawing and using pen and ink to capture her subject. It was not until the 1970’s that she started to explore working with color in watercolor.  Working in a local watercolor gallery in Tucson, Arizona she learned about building up her paintings through layers of transparent color.
She experimented in working in oils and acrylics and immediately fell in love with the mediums and has worked almost exclusively in these two.  A new passion for mixed media has begun to be represented in her recent works.
Her main focus of subject still remains wildlife and people and she has been working towards representing her subjects in a colorful and expressive style.
Being self taught she has learned most about her art by painting, experimenting and studying other works of art.  She has made a living of painting murals in many homes in the northern California area and has worked with the Wall Dogs painting large murals in city downtown businesses.  She also has an extensive collection of commissioned work that is in many homes around the world.

She presently resides in Lodi California and teaches classes in her small studio. She continues to paint and show her work in the surrounding areas art venues.