Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Meet Artist Juliana Tillman

Artist Juliana Tillman is one of the selected artists in the THEME Division of Ironstone Vineyard's 21st. annual Spring Obsession Art Show.  Her entries, "Just a Little Taste" and "Daffodil Trio" are in the running for the 2018 Obsession Poster which will be unveiled on Saturday, March 3rd. at the Spring Obsession Opening Event. And now...  
T-024  Just a Little Taste by Juliana Tillman oil 18x24  $600

Artist Juliana Tillman

T-025  Daffodile Trio by  Juliana Tillman acrylic 12x16  $225
“Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today” is a motto Juliana Tillman feels is important, basically - life is short. She began making art a focus in 2011 before anymore time could pass without regret.
 An interest in art and design has been there since her late teens though she was unable to make it a priority. Growing up in a family of antique and art collectors fostered her appreciation for fine arts.  With no formal art education she is primarily self taught, with the exception of studying with local & nationally known artist through workshops and private classes. Juliana is an oil and watercolor painter and has won many awards in local art competitions. Recently her watercolor painting was accepted into the Splash 18 Watercolor by Northlight Books. Currently a member of the Mother Lode Arts Association and the Aloft Art Gallery. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!

Our party gal Rachael, bringing in the New Year with Ironstone's Sparkling Wine!  Only way to go.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Craft Trees are coming in!

Two more awesome craft trees came in today from Tylee and Jayden!  These are creative, colorful and downright incredible trees created by these two talented gals.

The tree above was done by Jayden using Japanese Maple leaves and looks like berries.

The above tree was created by Tylee using bay leaves and more berries. 
Lets hear it for the gals. Great job!  Keep on creating. And thank you for sharing your talent with all of us here.  Love it!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Spirit!

If you've not met Rachael before, allow me to introduce you.  Rachael came to us last year along with a large group of collectable dolls that were put up for sale here in the Museum.  Mr. Kautz, the owner of Ironstone came across them at an auction and just couldn't pass them up.  All destined for new homes, Rachael stood out as an undesirable gal.

Always moody, somewhat grumpy and stand offish, she most often frightened the younger visitors and disgusted some of the others.  We decided that Rachael had to be removed from the public areas and confined to the back room.

Here in the Museum, we realized that despite her attitude, Rachael was really just trying to fit in. So, we decided to allow her to be our somewhat back office maskot. 

She does get into trouble at times and wanders into areas she shouldn't, but, all in all, she really isn't such a scary one once you get to know her.

Today, we found Rachael helping decorate our Christmas tree.  Good to see her in the Christmas Spirit.