Monday, April 4, 2016

Meet Artist Carol David, Ironstone 2016 Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-030  A Secret Place  pastel  18x15  $400
Carol David

Carol David is a California impressionist whose work is manifested solely, and splendidly, in pastels.

her love of art and nature began while she was still a child tagging after her father, a UC Davis entomology professor who documented his work in pen and ink. her father recognized her potential as she entered high school and encouraged her to do what many wanting to be commercial artists did at the time; take a correspondence course.

Carol's love of art only grew and correspondence courses led to being her high school newspapers art editor and then graduation from San Jose State University with a BA in Commercial Art and Art Education, to which she added a teaching credential and certification in Special Education.

Carol added a beautiful family into the mix and art quickly had to fall a bit lower on the priority list, but Carol's passion remained and she has found her way back to a full schedule of working her craft. Carol finds great inspiration in workshops and connecting with other artists and some of her most compelling work has resulted from that.

O-031  Tulip Parade  pastel  18x18  $450

Over the past years, it became clear that pastels were her medium of choice. Carol's work has since been seen in exhibits across California and she has received significant recognition and awards for her work. Her most recent award was at the Tahoe show "Truckee Exposed" where she received first prize for her "Lupines" piece. She was also honored by the Stanislaus Arts Council with their 2010 Excellence in Arts Award for Visual Arts.

Carol's work is also commissioned on a regular basis. Subjects range from sentimental college football scenes to sweeping landscapes to people enjoying a sunny day to equine beauties.

Carol believes pastels are her tools to interpret, expose and share a beautiful world. And most days, that's just what you'll find her doing.

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