Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meet Artist Dale Allan Huey, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Dale Allan Huey
Angels Camp, CA
Judges Merit Award Winner  *  "Washboard Chaz"

O-124  Washboard Chaz  pen & ink  9x13  $150
In an almost literal sense, Dale was born with a pencil in his hand, doodling airplanes, car and spaceships on anything that would accept a graphite smudge.  As a young man, a visit to the famous Canyon Road art market in Santa Fe gave him the opportunity to meet pastel artist Albert Handel. Mr. Handel's legendary skills with color and light ignited a hidden passion in Dale to draw the natural world around him. Possibly, that i why he made the wise decision to raise his family in the historic Mother Lode, where he finds endless inspiration in its land, color, and dreams of gold.
O-123 Vineyard Wagon color pencil  15x11  $240
Dale has an obsessively creative personality, combining the tactile disciplines of pencil, paint, wood, glass, and paper, into unexpected objects of art. Despite his lack of formal study, Dale's keen eye and wide skillset have led to a number of awards - his art has been shown at the Haggin Museum of Stockton, and the Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Amador county fairs. Currently, Dale is best known locally for his themed deck chairs made of reclaimed wood, which have collectively raised over $1200 at several Calaveras County Art Foundation and Farm Bureau charity auctions. These chairs reside in the collections of former Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz, the Whisky Slide Ranch of Mokulumne Hill, and the AM Ranch of Paloma.

At the moment, Dale is exploring colored pencil, with a Grisaille under painting of India ink or Prismacolor art markers. He also keeps up his skill with pen and ink, using the medium to create works of delicate intricacy which draw the eye in for extended study. As time permits, he also dabbles in corrugated paper sculpture, in the form of a 1/10 scale 1926 Hudson Boat tail racer.
O-122  Red Racer  mix media  13x16  $150
Dale also has an alter ego, inspired by the likes of "Big Daddy" Ed Roth, Von Dutch, and Robert Williams - he produces automotive cartoons and caricatures that harken back to the early days of Southern California hot rodding.  His medium of choice for this art is a Wacom digital art pad and Autodesk "Sketchbook" program, producing purely hand drawn art on a computer.

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