Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Meet Artist Paula Tooman, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-133  Spring Delight watercolor  27x33  $580
My name is Paula Tooman. I really love doing watercolor painting. The colors intrigue me and the techniques always presenting interesting challenges. In my thirties I started painting – but was busy raising two children so could not paint as often as I desired. In my forties my husband and I adopted fourteen children – thirteen Ethiopians and one handicapped girl from the United States. The children were and are a joy – and sometimes a sorrow. We certainly felt emotions parallel to those experienced by parents all over the world – multiplied by fourteen! As was expected they did keep me very busy and I found time to paint only sporadically. Now I’m in my sixties and we only have four children at home. My husband prepared a home studio for me and I am enjoying the freedom to regularly paint again with my beloved water colors. It is such a luxury to have time to paint again and I’m having great fun doing it!
O-134  Rain forest Jewel  watercolor  29x25  $950

I enjoy most of all painting flowers, people, and landscapes. They lend themselves to the use of a great variety of painting materials, many color variants, and a host of presentation and brushing techniques. I am always reading books and watching DVDs by other artists to encourage myself to try new ideas and to look at each new blank paper as a new and interesting challenge.

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