Monday, April 18, 2016

Meet Artist Ron Miranda, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Second Prize winner "Splash Mob"
O-026  Splash Mob  oil  36x24  $4000
Originally from the island of Guam, Ron currently resides in Long Beach, California. He studied art at the California State University, Long Beach, where he earned a Bachelor's in Fine Arts degree graduation with honors. Ron is currently a professional graphic artist receiving many awards and accolades for his graphic designs. As a successful graphic designer, Ron is ready to transition to fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming a full - time fine art painter.

At a young age while growing up in Guam, Ron began developing his art skills with Crayola crayons, experimenting with blending and layering colors together,. The desire to explore the interaction of color and its emotional response motivated him more to becoming an artist. His drawing skills progressed by observing his older brother, Roland, an established cartoonist from the Guam Daily News.

Most of Ron's inspirations and influence are from fond memories of Guam; romanticizing the rich tropical vegetation, fauna and some of the amazing color, textures and patterns that channel their way into his paintings.  Heightened color is paramount in Ron's paintings with exaggerated hues to push boundaries and strike a chord with the viewers.

Many of Ron's works range from representational to abstract. The concepts for his abstract run deep from his island culture and music. Ron finds incentive for his representational pieces from his collection of personal digital library of images that he photographed.

Ron is very well versed in computer graphics design programs and will occasionally apply his artist skills to illustrate or paint using Photoshop or Illustrator,. Most of Ron's painting compositions are developed on the computer and he transfers the final composition to the painting. On occasion, Ron will work on multiple traditional mediums from charcoal, gouache, pencil, color pencil, acrylic, and oils.

Ron feels that every painting is a journey of exploration to discover new techniques, rouse the creative mind to capture the imagination, and anticipating the development from a blank canvas evolving to an amazing and wonderful image.

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