Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Perfect Union of two Creative Minds in Pottery

We are delighted to welcome Artists Bill & June Vaughn to Ironstone's Heritage Museum.  I "discovered" June and her breathtaking art at a small local fundraising event in Douglas Flat featuring some of my favorite artists at the old Johnson Home, now called Milliafori. A great vacation rental by the way! Here is the link if you would like to check it out. Used by many top notch artists for their painting clinics and classes as well.  Right next to the historic Douglas Flat Schoolhouse.
OK, I have regressed!  Back to my discovery, June Vaughn. Aside from being one of the most charming people I have met in a while, June is talented. Very talented. A local artist hailing from Sonora, June and her husband Bill have never exhibited locally, or at least not much. Focused on the larger more predectable art markets like Camel, this is a treat for us to have them at Ironstone. Their own back yard, so to speak.  The piece that drew me to June's booth was a stunning platter, off white with wild black lines weaving in and out, sharp and fuzzy, so much like the manner in which I like to doodle. Yes, we all do don't we?  Anyway, in speaking to June, these interesting black lines were accomplished by using horse hairs during the firing. Yes, just like the ones we ride up here in Murphys. We love them!  And this pottery just brings it all home.  And yes, the design work is so intricate it captivates you for such a long time... had to see more!  And that brings us to these photos of June setting up her work here at Ironstone Heritage Museum for all to see and enjoy.

To better describe the Vaughn's work in June & Bill's words...
"The Vaughn's ceramic work has transcended more than four decades. The heart and soul of the art arises from the crucial role that both husband and wife play in the formation of the pieces, with Bill throwing inventive shapes and June carving and decorating in a tribal art-influenced style.  Their work also incorporates mixed media including stones, shells, metal, feathers, and found objects.  Over the years, their style has evolved from functional stonework to one-of-a-kind high art designs, and is currently collected internationally. Each final piece is the perfect union of two creative minds."
  Come see for yourself. 

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Susan said...

We have several pieces of the Vaughn's pottery throughout our home; they are beautiful works of art and focal pieces wherever they sit. Whenever I wear one of June's incredible necklaces, people (mostly women, of course) will stop and admire the unique and beautiful art I'm wearing. I am very pleased Ironstone has recognized these local artisans and are displaying their work. They are a must-see! and usually a must-buy!