Friday, October 15, 2010

Cleverwolf Entertainment on location

We had a great visit from CleverWolf Entertainment Tuesday for filiming of the Crystalline Gold specimen as well as some of our more interesting natural nuggets. Jeremy Maupin, director is seen in the photo at the right, adjusting the big cameras for a nice shot or Ironstone's Crystalline Gold Specimen. The shoot was done for the Living Well network, CBS Southern California. Not sure if we will see it when it comes out in January up North, but, hoping to get a video on line that we can share with you.
Below, you see the closeups being taken of our unusual Gold Bearing Ironstone natural nuggets. We have several beautiful pieces that are currently being offered at a 15% discount.  
To the right is our Conrad taking a group shot of Jeremy Maupin, Stacey Bosworth and photographer "Shane" inside the vault with the gold piece in the background.

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