Friday, October 29, 2010

Up and Running! Pottery & Jewelry Oh My!

 Up and running! Didn't take June long to put together a beautiful display of her pottery and jewelry. June & Bill Vaughn potter is a must see. Come by and take a look before they all find new homes!

On a more serious note, I was able to model one of the jewelry pieces on Wednesday. The attention it drew was almost embarrasing.  I was first drawn to June's pottery as I mentioned in an earlier post, but, wearing this piece of jewelry and wearable art raised my level of awareness to the complexity of their designs beyond the pottery. As I showed the details and explained the craftsmanship to our Museum guests, the piece began to take on a life of its own. Complex, stunning and extremely artful, I ended up naming the piece as if it were quite alive. And it was for me for that time I had the honor of wearing it. It was like a partnership between us.  I became a vehicle for the piece to move and live as it was intended to.  Wierd? Maybe, maybe not.  You must be the judge.

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