Monday, October 11, 2010

Call to Artists! Spring Obsession 2011!

2010 Theme Division Winner
Calling all artists! Time to put that paint to canvas or thread to the needle, or pen into the ink, or whatever your favorite medium is... it is that time again! Ironstone's Spring Obsession Art Show & Competition!


It is hard to believe that the Summer Concert Series is over, fall is here and the perspectus for the Spring Obsession Art Show is ready to go out to our great and talented artists!

I have to admit, this is one of my favorite events here at Ironstone.  The annual Spring Obsession Art Show, Sale & Competition..... 
Going into our 14th year, this exhibit draws art work from around the US and Canada. We have had inquiries from Italy, Spain and Brazil as well, although shipping paintings overseas has always seemed to be a bit of a setback to some of the artists abroad.

The Spring Obsession event originally began as a celebration of Ironstone's best selling wine, "Obsession", made from the Symphony grape developed at UC Davis by Dr. Olmo back in the mid 40's. This wine is has always been a fun and unique wine with a very broad appeal.  Close your eyes as you inhale it's powerful floral bouquet. You think you are standing in the bouchard gardens in spring time. So rich, sweet and with the smell of all the flowers in our gardens here at Ironstone.  Next, the first sip has a gentle sweetness that can take off the edge of any spicy or hot dish you can pair it with. Just a bit though, not thick sweet, just easy and delicious. Add to that a complexity not expected in this little wine, a delightful lingering dry finish and you have a wine for all occassions.

One ton of daffodil bulbs

Well, we thought this wonderful little wine needed a special occassion to celebrate. In our ponderings, on where, how & why, we discovered that not only was there a daffodil called "Symphony", but, there was also a daffodil named "Obsession"!  And, if you haven't heard already, Ironstone Vineyards has planted over 20 tons, yes tons! of daffodil bulbs throughout the grounds and in half barrels.

What a perfect match! With a daffodil on the label, a celebration of Obsession Wine, Great Art and Mother Nature's show of Blooming Spring Daffodils, an event was born!

We have had such fun ever since!  Spinning in and out of our Spring Obsession weekend are our friends from the Northern California Daffodil Society and our Murphys Irish Day Celebration. The Northern California Daffodil Society moved their annual spring daffodil show and competition to Ironstone over 14 years ago and draw to their show daffodil and flower experts from around the world each spring!  While downtown Murphys, Irish Days begins with a street fair and a true celebration of Murphy's Irish influence from the Gold Mining Era.  This event too has gained such popularity far beyond just a regional event.  

In the early years, we all partied together on the same wild and crazy weekend, with shuttle busses running loop after loop from Ironstone to downtown and back again until poor little charming Murphys was so overwhelmed we hit gridlock! 

Spread the love!  The Spring Obsession Art show moved to the first weekend of March not only to releave the body crush downtown, but also to coincide with daffodil bloom which we saw was coming a bit earlier as the years past, leaving Murphys Irish Days & the Northern California Daffodil Days to party hearty on the 3rd weekend of March. 

So now begins the Spring Obsession! For us the event begins now, getting the word out to artists around the country, lining up the judges, new daffodil bulbs going into the ground for a more spectacular Spring Bloom, and Ironstone's Executive Chef James working on new pairings with Obsession wine and his spectacular foods!  Doesnt' get better than that!

So mark your calendars for March 5 & 6, 2011!  Artists, Theme division entries due January 7th, 2011, so time to join us in the preparations for Spring Obsession 2011

Check out last years accepted art works...

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