Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watercolor by Artist Shona Macomber

In celebration of this weekend's Mountain Heirloom Quilt Faire XXXIII, Artist Shona Macomber brings us a beautiful watercolor titled "Patches of Memories".    Forgive my little camera and its light reflections, but I just had to show you how special this piece is.       Shona is a very talented watercolorist who paints for the love of the process.  In Shona's words:                                              "I paint because I love Process. Growing gardens from seed, breathing new life into living spaces, watching seasons change. Life is learning, growth, and renewal through process. My paintings illustrate this journey, much of the time in a whimsical way. No matter how difficult, or dark, or even hopeless a life-experience may appear to be, its touch can work good, even bring beauty. I am at peace.  I usually choose watercolor to share my observations. Painting in watercolor is a process in itself, following the flow of fluid pigment on paper, using tight control or giving it freedonw bloom. As you may guess, it is the letting go og control that seems to bring the most fulfillment and resulting beauty.   I have benefited from the watercolor instruction of Vernon Nye and Judi Betts.  A lifetime of study, teaching, and practive have taught me to paint; the Creator God has taught me to see."   

Shona's painting is valued at $700.00 and is available for purchase. Contact us here at Ironstone Museum or email if you are interested or want more information.

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