Friday, April 24, 2020

Meet Artist Tosya Shore

Tosya’s Art Bio

Why would anyone take on the most humbling hobby (next to golf)

Painting???  Right!!!!

T-028 Silly Daffadilly by Tosya Shore wc 18x24 $650   1
It all started for me when I fell in love with a watercolor by Judy Greenberg and bought it … my first original painting. It was fresh, loose and expressive. AND from nowhere, my thought was “I want to learn how to do this!”  What was I thinking??  Clearly I was young and na├»ve. This was 23 years ago. With no drawing or painting skills, no art history under my belt, wife, mom, and a full time Software Engineer, I took Judy’s watercolor class.

O-068 High Wire by Tosya Shore wc 22x30 $1500 OPEN DIVISION 3RD PLACE
 Long story short, I developed a Love/Hate relationship with watercolors; so exciting, but so darn challenging. What kept me trying was Judy saying “We all have a few HUNDRED crappy paintings to do, so get them out of the way now”.  This definitely gave me the right expectation, so I continued to take classes and stuff some painting into my already busy life.

O-067 Fall Over by Tosya Shore wc 15x22 $800
 Once I learned to just enjoy the process and let go of the result, it became my passion.  And this passion has helped me through some very tough times.  I’m still finding my way though this exciting medium and love discovering.
T-027 Daffy tiptoing through the two lips by Tosya Shore wc 15x22 $625

BTW, I’m a northern California girl born and raised.

Meet Artist Barbara Conley

Barbara Conley

Barbara Conley has been active in the arts since high school. She began art classes in 1970 and began showing and selling her paintings soon after. Although primarily self-taught Ms. Conley has studie3d under such artists and Millard Sheets, Charlotte Britton, Jade Fon, Tom Nicholas, Harry Dunlap & Zoltan Zabo. Her style has developed into a unique statement that reflects her personal feelings about each subject.

Barbara’s paintings are as easily recognizable as a personal signature. The themes she paints, in meticulous detail, are the things that surround us, those which remind us of the passage of time yet continue to surround us in the warmth of familiarly. Barbara has shown extensively throughout California and her paintings are represented in many private collections Her work has won many awards and has been shown in Southwest Art and US Art magazines.

Barbara uses several mediums in the expression of her artistic abilities. Her primary medium is acrylic but she uses it in such a manner her work is often mistaken for oil. Although her acrylic paintings are most familiar she also has shown work done in watercolor, pencil, oil, and charcoal.

Having lived in the San Jose area for many years Barbara now lives in the Gold Country and is taking advantage of the many aged buildings and lovely country scenes. Most of the aged historic buildings will be taken by time and expansion and Barbara would like to capture them on canvas before they are gone forever.

Barbara’s paintings are represented in the prestigious New Masters Gallery in Carmel California.

If you have questions regarding her art work, Barbara can be reached at (209) 532-0207.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Meet Artist Popi Tyler

T-020 Dont-Fence-Me-In by Popi-Tyler mm 22x17 $890
Sonoma County


Popi Tyler

Popi Tyler is honored to be the recipient of the 18th Annual Ironstone Vineyards Family Choice Award, 2015. You can find her poster of yellow daffodils here in the Ironstone Vineyards gift shop.

T-021 Navajo-Trail by Popi-Tyler mm 15x11 $620

Her inspiration for that winning painting, titled Garden District, were the glorious bulbs that are in bloom all around the vineyards grounds.

Popi recalls, “The Family Choice Award is one of my all-time favorite awards because my painting was personally selected by Gail, John, Joan and Stephen Kautz”.

O-103 After  Midnight by  Popi Tyler mm 11x15 $620.

“Aquamedia paints & pencils are thrilling to use … But the happiest part of my artist life, is an almost 10 year tradition of getting together with my group of 8 treasured artist friends on Friday for art support & laughter.”

“I am currently continuing my studies under two great friends and master watercolorist:

Dale Laitinen pf Pioneer California, and

Christopher Schink of Santa Rosa, California

Happy Trails!

Popi Tyler

O-104 Hope Valley by Popi Tyler mm 22x15 $870

Meet Artist Robert Feigen

T-022 Daffodils in Motion by Robert Feigen  acr 16x20 $579


My name is Robert Feigen and I am the Artist that has preformed The Daffodils in Motion painting. I am a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science and in Business Administration. I have been an artist for approximately twenty years and have studied at the Sonora Arts Academy for three years. I am also a current Vice President in the Motherlode Art Association in Sonora/

The Daffodils in Motion Painting is a 16” x 20” Acrylic work of art and is part of a series. It portrays interpretive daffodils flowing freely and serenely in a field of dreams.

I hope you enjoy my painting and will look forward to seeing everyone at the 20202 Artist Reception.


Robert Feigen

Meet Artist Roy Ishii


O-005 Asian Lilies by Roy Ishii  wc 18x24 $350

    I was born in Honololo, Hawaii on March 29, 1942. I attended the local elementary and high schools and then went on to Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana where I completed a bachelor of science degree.  This was followed by four years of medical school at University of California in San Francisco. My medical training continued as an intern at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center and two more years as a pediatric resident at Harbor General/UCLA Medical Center.

T-003 Daffodil Armada by Roy Ishii  wc 18x24 $350
    After my medical training was completed, I was inducted into the US Air Force where I served 2 years as a pediatric medical staff officer at Keesler Air Force Base in Bilozi, Mississippi. There, I met and married my wife Gayle.

    Once my military service was done, we moved to Lodi, California where I practiced general pediatrics for 37 years. Our family grew to include two daughters and now 2 grandchildren. Upon retirement in 2010, I had time to pursue some hobbies, one of which was watercolor painting. Fortunately, there were some very good watercolor artists locally (Deanna Hunt, Jeanne Janssen and Andrea Morris) who taught me the basics of watercolor and how to try to control a medium that very often has a mind of its own.

    I continue to enjoy the creative process and hope others might enjoy the work that is produced.

Meet Artist Susan King



T-007 Cascading Sprintime Celebration by Susan King wc 11x17 $595
  Susan King is a 30 year resident of the Murphys and Arnold areas. Now retired from full-time teaching, she has realized exciting new times to focus on her exploration of the visual arts. The wonder of the natural world, which surrounds the Sierra foothills and beyond, is her inspiration.

  Susan uses a variety of mediums and techniques to create unique emotional connections within her work. Water color, pastels, rice and collage papers and printer’s inks are some of the essential components of many of her pieces. “Every painting is a continual learning experience for me, considering the interaction of composition, design and color and materials. The process can be most humbling and exhilarating.”

O-110 El Capitan Glow by Susan King wc 11x17 $350
  Susan has been awarded Ironstone Vineyard’s annual theme division winner of the Obsession Art Show for two years, resulting in their vineyards poster each year. Arts of Bear Valley has selected pieces for support of their Bear Valley Music Fest and Calaveras Big Trees art shows. Art on Main in Murphys displays her originals, giclee prints, and unlimited edition prints. Yosemite Renessance accepted and displayed her work in the National Park.

O-111 Misty Morning in the Valley by Susan King wc 11x17 $350
  A community outreach of the Arts to the children of the Highway 4 communities has meen her passion as well, including art classes presented to the students of Hazel Fischer, Michelson and Mark Twain Elementary Schools.

  Susan recently wrote, illustrated and published a children’s book entitled, -Copper Girl A True Story of a Therapy Dog


Meet Artist Lisa Livingston


O-073 Floral-Tapestry by Lisa-Livingston acrylic 9x12 $400
 Lisa Livingston is an artist from California’s Central Valley, an Area distinguished  by beautiful Gardens, abundant farmlands and flourishing orchards which have deeply influenced her work.  An avid gardener, her paintings are often inspired by bountiful flowers, trees and colors found in nature throughout the year.

O-072 Symphony-of-Spring-by Lisa-Livingston mm 14x11 $600
The art she created features complex patterns of shape and color presenting a unique vision of the natural world. Her acrylic, watercolor and mixed media paintings portray flowers, landscapes and abstract nature forms that reflect the temporal beauty of the seasons and cycles of nature. She often captures a poetic, transcendent quality in her subjects.

O-071 New-Beginnings-by Lisa-Livingston mm 9x12 $400
Lisa’s work has been shown in exhibitions at Filoli, the Carnegie Art Center, and Ironstone Vineyards among other regional venues and is included in private collections.

A Former Art History instructor at both Modesto Junior College and CSU Stanislaus, she now devotes her time to research, painting, photography, and other creative endeavors.

A portfolio of current work is available at

Meet Artist Linda Lawrence

Linda Lawrence

T-009 Stems & Buds by Linda Lawrence  oil 4x12  $125

Always artistic by nature, Linda was constantly drawing as a child, and enjoyed art classes throughout her school years in Soquel and Fresno, California. As an adult, her loveof design was explored through photography, homemade cards, sketches and interior decoration.

O-089 Biking on Six Mile by Linda Lawrence oil 20x20 $325

Linda and her husband, Ron moved to Murphys in 1992, for its inherent natural beauty and small-town lifestyle. As her children grew more independent, Linda was thrilled to begin taking classes through Columbia Junior College, and first studied with Hermione Rios.

O-090 Petal Pushers by Linda Lawrence oil 16x20 $295
Linda paints primarily in water-based oils, which she finds to be user-friendly and a bit healthier overall. Though the years, she has developed a playful, colorful style, and had enjoyed and appreciated the influence  of instructors Diana Boyd, Susie Hoffman, Sunny Sorenson, Eva Walker, and Judy Cain through Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis. She has also taken workshops from Murphys renowned plein air artist Kathleen Dunphy, and Colley Whisson of Australia at Coastal Maine Art Workshops in Rockport, Maine.

T-008 Spring Snow Day by Linda Lawrence  oil 16x20  $295
Linda often shows her work at the Calaveras County Arts Council and was chosen to present a painting in their 2017 show, AnimalScapes. She was also invited to show at the Studio 11 Gallery in Oakland, California in 2018. She currently paints at ArtScapes in Murphys.

Linda is thoroughly enjoying the process of becoming an artist, and the self-expression, freedom, and mindfulness it provides. She considers her fellow artists soulmates and true inspirational treasures.