Saturday, February 6, 2021

Meet Artist Connie Carson-Romano


Connie Carson-Romano

T-003 Singular-Drama-by Connie Carson-Romano oil 20x24 $450

O-007 Fushia-by Connie Carson-Romano oil 14x12  $375
O-008 saguaro-by Connie Carson-Romano oil 18x24  $425

O-009 sunflowers-by Connie Carson-Romano oil 18x24  $425

 I have always found it difficult to write an artist’s statement. The task has remained a challenge to this day even after a lifetime of immersion in the art of communication. It is certainly not for a lack of words. I enjoy language and the bonds that are created by it. It is not my ability to use the written word as I have been published to good reviews. Yet I find myself struggle through a verbal description of why I feel the over powering need to create a visual display what I see and how I see it on a canvass.


While the depths of my need to draw and paint will probably always remain a mystery to me, I believe my difficulty in expressing verbally my attraction to art is simply in the meditation that is involved in the process: The sinking of self into an object or view. Total immersion into the colors, the shapes, the emotions that are present with the seeing. The challenge of putting, not only the object of the painting to canvas, but the expression of the depth of what is presented to my eyes and the way that my brain processes it. And the ability to share my vision with other so they, too, see the incredible blue of the mountains, the depth of the shadows in the flowers, and the blend of yellows and reds in a sunset.


T-004 Trilogy-by Connie Carson-Romano oil 8x10 $175

The diversity of vision by various artists presented in an art show or gallery always amazes me. I find it does not matter if I “like” the work I see or not. It is the vision of another who was driven to put their view to canvas. And I am grateful for the sharing.


I hope you enjoy the show.

O-010 tidal-by Connie Carson-Romano oil 18x24 $435

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