Saturday, February 6, 2021

Meet Artist Neila Stewart


Neila Stewart

T-013  transparent-daffodils by Neila Stewart wc 15x15 $400

I’ve been an  amateur artist since I was 4, initially working with Crayola and branching out at 9 to incorporate Prismacolor pencils, collage, and Mod Podge into my pieces.


Watercolor and pen & ink illustration have been my preferred vices for the past 30 years. After spending a month in Yosemite in 2009, I developed a fondness for painting big rocks using an east-west style, akin to Chiura Obata. But I’m willing to paint and draw anything and do so daily.


During the day, I am a mild-mannered graphic designer for a high-tech firm in Santa Rosa, California. At night, I put on my Salvador Dali beret and mustache and engage in art.

T-014 1920 by Neila Stewart wc 15x15 $400


I have mostly lived in Santa Rosa but was born in Hawaii and spent significant time in Chicago Illinois where I obtained a masters in Urban Planning. I also have an Environmental Science degree from UC Berkeley, I’ve taken many college-level art classes but my greatest art influences came from my high school art teacher, Mr. Gadberry, from whom I learned discipline and drawing skills, from artist Popi Tyler who taught me painting skills, and from my mother who taught me how to draw a little girl.


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Robin Roberts’ (of Good Morning America) mother said:


Find your gift and share it with the world.


I thought that was good advice from her mother and I plan on following through.



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